Guide to Digital Photography?

Ok, so after holding out for a very long time I finally purchased a digital camera (Canon A620). Now I'm pretty new to this whole photography thing, so my test photos so far have been almost uniformly bad.

Does anyone know of a free online guide that walks a newbie like me through the basics of aperture sizes, shutter speeds, etc?

Alternatively, is there perhaps a good book that's worth purchasing?

I'd hate to keep shooting on Auto my whole life.

Messing around in PGR3 should give you a fairly good idea of what to expect!

But seriously... it's a digital camera! No Film required! Shoot away! Try things. Experiment. If you just follow some book's a-b-c instructions you'll just be using a different kind of 'auto.'

That said, I'd be curious if anyone has any decent online resources they use.