This game looks fantastic. Anyone planning on playing? Its supposed to be a mmorpg/FPS.

I'm gonna check it out. Sounds fascinating, but then again, so did Planetside.

Unfortunately, based on almost everything I hear the game is not shaping up well.

Penny Arcade says:

Gabe wrote:

Huxley – Here was a game that promised a MMOFPS using the Unreal 3 engine. What I saw in their booth was an uninspired dime a dozen FPS that looked more like Unreal 2. It certainly didn't look anything like the stunning video they released a few months back. The PR machine for this game is in full effect but it's all smoke and mirrors. There's no game there, at least not yet.

There are also a number of similar negative comments in this thread from GWJ E3 attendees. And as I remarked in that same thread, based on Webzen's history of releasing a single embarassingly bad FPS (Nitro Family), I am deeply suspicious of their ability to successfully pull together a game of Huxley's scale and ambition. And for it to be not only worthy of the $50-60 purchase price, but a monthly fee on top of that, it had better be stellar. My prediction: it won't be.

yeah it look completely meh.. at this point it would barely compete with Enemy Territory:QW which is monthly fee FREE.. unless this game really kicks it up a notch I cant imagine anyone actually paying for it.. let alone paying then a monthly fee.

Also the Webzen's booth was an abomination.. unless you were desperate for some blowup surfboard thingy...

Oh well, back to CoD

Back to the drawing board I guess. There goes the little blip on my radar

Hmm I was getting interested, but it seems to be feh'ing on me.

New video out:

Seems to play a lot like UT, which is too bad. I was hoping for an updated Planetside.

Still, I'll probably give it a try, if only to be able to offer a justified critique.

That gives me an idea. I wonder how a massively multiplayer UT with league play built in would do?

Arise from the depths of the deceased old thread.

Looks like the closed beta starts on Sept. 13th, but for Korea only. Hmmm...

Teaser trailer from last month as well. Might help if you spoke Korean.