Laptop CPU question

Sold ex-wife a laptop.

Compaq Presario x1010us

It originally had 1.3 Ghz Intel M Centrino. The CPU went out and she said it would be ~$600 to get a new one. I asked if I could have it back for free if I found one for cheaper. Well...

Will this work?

Part # SL6F9


Spec Number SL6F9
Processor Frequency 1.50 GHz
CPUID String 0695h
Package Type 478 pin Micro-FCPGA
Core Voltage 1.484/0.956
Bus Speed 400 MHz
Thermal Guideline 24.5W
Core Stepping PB1
Thermal Spec 100ï½°C
L2 Cache Size 1 MB
Manufacturing Technology 0.13 micron
L2 Cache Speed 1.50 GHz
Bus/Core Ratio 15

Where would a guy find out if these specifications meet those of the motherboard? I checked the HP website, but didn't look like that info was available. It does say the microprocessor cache is 1024kb. That's the L2 cache 1mb, right?

Any help would be appreciated.

Here is the part number of the processor:


Intel Mobile Pentium 4-M desktop processor - 1.30GHz (Banias, 400MHz front side bus, 1024KB internal level-2 cache) - One component of the Intel Centrino mobile technology
Is what I got from the online support. I think it'll work.

Are you trying to replace the processor on a laptop motherboard? As far as I know, those don't come in ZIF sockets like the desktop ones - at best there's a daughterboard with some of the components on it, but it's damn near impossile to just upgrade the chip.

Then again, I've never taken apart a Pentium-M laptop, my latest one was a Pentium III What do you have in mind with regard to the laptop?

I believe there used to be a X1000 based forum.. that had detailed dissasembly instructions and cpu removal/replacement.