[MLB] Jason Kendall = loudmouth idiot


Oh, quit your whining. You were crowding the plate and you know it, then you had to charge the mound because someone mocked your elbow pad. This punishment more than fits the crime.

A few things Jason:

1. The pitcher doesn't own three-quarters of the plate. He owns the WHOLE plate.
2. If someone is going to intentionally hit you, it won't be with a freaking curve ball. It''ll be a fastball in your ear.
3. I haven't seen the video, but I heard the ump called the pitch a strike. If that's true, then you, Jason, have nothing to complain about.
4. Don't lean into the pitch just because you are legally allowed to wear body armor that medival Knights would admire.
5. You are frustrated because since you left the National League two years ago, your batting average has dropped like a rock, tied to an anchor, held by a dead man in cement shoes.

Need I go on?

Speaking of pinishment. Delmon Young gets 50 games for throwing a bat at an ump in Triple-A. Looks like it'll be 2007 before he's in the Show now.