Sailing the Seas of Captaincy...

I'm mostly starting this thread to rail against my current situation. Maybe see if I can get some advice"… Not that I expect much. Its just good to vent, and my girlfriend's surely got to be tired of hearing about it.

So... I'm captain of my cricket team. Have been for about three weeks.

Last year, most of the previous team decided to try and take back team selection from the 'manager' (a 65-year old Sri Lankan) who had gradually taken it away. The League ruled in his favour, and everybody involved left to other teams. Which left me and three other guys.

He was/is a pain, so I looked for teams closer to my house. Problem is, I want playing time (the only way I'm going to get better), and most of the other teams are established enough that they're not likely to give much to an American with only a couple years experience.

So when Winston offered me the captaincy, I took it. Figuring maybe I could stop last year from happening again. Get some playing time. Curtail the coach's meddling. Hold the players together. You know"… the Works. But its not that simple.

We've got a roster of 23 players (19 of them new to the club), and only 17 answer their emails on a regular basis. And three of those 17 don't give me their availability for matches. When people are selected for matches, they don't like where they're batting/fielding. Bad attitudes, all around. If its not the attitude of the players, it's the coach's constant meddling & attempts to divide the team. I'm still getting settled, but if this keeps up, I'll be tearing my hair out in just a few more weeks.

Now, just for the record, I never thought this would be a walk in the park. I knew it was going to be tough when I took it. Knew I would be sick of it. I just didn't expect to be sick of it two weeks into the season. My vice captain is a good guy, and sane, to boot. So's our wicketkeeper. And one or two of the other players. But those are far separated ports in a sizable storm. So my question is, who else has had to deal with this in any sport? Do the kinks work out in three or four weeks? Is there some kind of light at the end of the tunnel?

Er...what's cricket?

No, I understand. One year in the Nav some guys wanted to get a baseball team together (why not softball you say, these guys thought they could play!). I offered to just sign my name as manager just because someone had to do it because the paperwork for the team was due. All of a sudden these guys expected me to do all the work, collect money and bitch at me when I didnt schedule practices etc.

Never again...

I'm captain of my university floor hockey team. I rounded up players, schedule practices, bought equipment, tell them when the games are, make sure they show up, encourage them, try and teach them how to play hockey, and I payed for the team myself. I'm doing it again next year but all the players are required to chip in for the team (which all have agreed to do).

You're situation, Haakon, is quite different than mine was. I made sure to get friends on my team and I punished those who didn't do as I asked. Also, I had a whistle and it annoyed people into listening to me.