Xbox360 cannot see PC?

Just got a 360 and I've been messing with the media connect but cannot get the 360 to see the PC. Here's the setup. Belkin wireless network 802.11G Windows XP SP2, Trend Micro PCCillin 2006. When I first installed media connect it could not see anything at all. Installing UNPNP allows the PC to see the 360 but when I try to get the 360 to see the PC it says it cannot find any PCs running media connect. Now at first I thought it was firewall, but turning off all my firewalls still doesn't correct the problem. I can connect to LIVE just fine. It's the media connect that doesn't seem to work. Can't seem to find anything online other then the usual turn off firewall etc. Anyone have any ideas?

If no one responds, it just means we don't know, dude, not that we're blowing you off.

I thought it had to be Windows Media Edition for this to work. This is based on some possibly fever induced factoid I've heard as I only just got a X360 myself and have yet to try utilizing any network functionality.

Nah, you can do it with XP but it will not do movies... only music and pictures. I tried it for a few minutes and lost interest quickly.

As for connecting. Have you explored all the options in the Media Connect program? You have to actually share folders in that before it shares it on the network!
Also, how do you have stuff wired? I'm guessing wireless for the 360 and wire for the PC? I've run into several scenarios at work where wireless clients couldn't browse onto the wired network! You may want to try bringing the xbox close enough to connect a wire just to eliminate that possibility. It sounds like you've tried just about everything else.