.NET books suggestions

I know that there are a bunch of people in IT around here so I wanted to get your input on this.

My company is looking to migrate from Visual Studio 6 environment into Visual Studio 2005. Core technologies would remain in C++ and COM but would eventually (maybe) get ported into .NET. Current VB applications that feed off of core technologies would remain but future ones may be done is something like C#.

Are there any books any of you guys can recommend that you think would benefit us?

There is very little expertise around here with .NET technologies.

I took mine to work, but I think the author's name is Andrew Troelson. C# and the .NET Framework I think. Probably in it's 3rd edition by now. It's a beast, though. Certainly not something you can walk around and carry in one hand reading while sipping coffee from the other.

After about 3 months of review trolling and searching, this is what I settled on. I think it was about $50, but, to be honest, the very best .NET resource is the world is not carbon-based.
Memorize these 3 urls:
msdn.microsoft.com (seems obvious, but so many people don't bother. Very worthwhile.)
www.asp.net (fantabulous resource for all things about, uh... ASP.NET)
www.windowsforms.net (basically, same thing, but for windows native apps)

There's a lot of others, like 4guysfromrolla.com and about 8 billion others I'm forgetting, but those 1st three urls - basically, if you want to do something and can't find guidance there, there is no guidance to be had.

That said, the book I mentioned is definitely worth the money, though I'm sure someone else will come along and mention an O'Reilly book I haven't seen as "the Camel book" for .NET. (that makes sense to perl coders, I promise).