Is the GWJ website intermittent?

I seem to have periods throughout the day where I cannot get to GWJ. Very intermittent.
When I see the issue the traffic seems to stop just after this router -> (
On a good connect it continues onward to -> ( then happily to -> ( . does not have this issue.

Is this just my crappy ISP or is anyone else seeing this?

I've had the same problem at work.

never have problems from work or home unless its for maintenance....had some dealings with Telcove lately though, and I cant exactally say they seem to have thier stuff together

I have the problem every once in awhile as well. Probably just ISP related.

I'm keeping track of reports like this, if anyone else has issues please speak up!

I run into problems every once in a while as well. mostly it's at night, around 9-10 PM EST

Does the site time out or just immediately tell you it can't load? If it's a timeout I think you should fare better in the future... (throws down puff of smoke and disappears)

baggachipz wrote:

Does the site time out or just immediately tell you it can't load? If it's a timeout I think you should fare better in the future... (throws down puff of smoke and disappears)

Looks to be a timeout. It was especially bad last night. Wait where did you go? Ninja! Ninja?

Last night, eh... hmm, that's bad. OK, who broke the internet?

I tend to have problems at work pretty much most of the day, until later on at night. It normally gets better and goes completely away by around 8.

I would assume the site had been blocked, but when that happens you get a specific page allowing you to request permission from the network admin to visit the site. I get nothing but a timeout error with this one though.

It's a really weird thing where I can sort of get to the site for a minute, but then it starts timing out shortly after. it doesn't happen with any of the other gaming sites I frequent when I get bored at work either.


I have none of these problems at home.

It's a timeout problem - it hasn't yet come back immediately to tell me that it couldn't load.

I don't know if this is related, but for almost a month now when I try to access GWJ at work all I get is a "Forbidden" page, but works fine if I try it from someone else's workstation. According to the IT guy it's not being blocked, and I've tried clearing my cache and deleting cookies with no luck.

I do have this exact issue during the day at work. I am unable to run the traceroute since our company's firewalls won't let the pings out, obviously.

Strangely, today it works fine.

It was fine over the weekend, but today intermittent again.

It's been fine for me for the last week or so now. I think my previous issues might have had to do with the way my access at work was set up.

This is a horrible problem for me. I can access GWJ for a few minutes, then I can't access it for about an hour. When it comes back up, I only have it for a few minutes again. Then, again, it takes about an hour before it'll stop timing out.

I've been routing Firefox through public proxies to access the boards, but I have to admit it's a rather annoying work-around (and pretty slow at that). I have no troubles at home, and I'm not restricted from viewing anything at work. During these timeout periods, even pings timout. This has been going on for about... a month or two now.

I just figured it was something with my ISP, but after reading this, maybe it's your end.

Yeah, Pur's problem sounds exactly like my own when I'm at work.

I used the "Track User" feature in my profile, and found the thread I remember posting on that day (I remember being frustrated that I couldn't get it to submit, and trying for about 3 hours before I managed to get it posted). This all started (for me) on April 10th, exactly a month ago today.

Seems to be a routing issue. I have no problems from AT&T or UUnet networks, others not so much.

Site seems to be mucho slow today for me.