Upgrade path question

OK I'm out of the hardware loop for the most part at this point so my question is:
I have an older Asus MoBo (Socket A, AGP) running an Athlon XP 3000+ chip
I can either buy a $300 Nvidia 7800 OC, and pretty much be dopne with ever upgrading it again. This option won't be too bad if a new chipset is not to long in coming.
or I can buy a new MoBo CPU and slightly cheaper card (looking at the newer Asus PCI-E MoBo, with an Athlon 54 3000 (or maybe the 3200) that can do the Athlon X2s (has onboard NVidia 6100, but I assume onboard is still crap).

I guess my question is this: is it more feasable, right now, to max out an AGP set-up, or is the PCI-E socket 939 going to be hanging around a while and will give me the better long term upgrade.

bascially if I am going to have to replace the MoBo again shortly its better for me to just max out the curretn rig then build from scratch the next time.

AMD M2's will move to a new socket (940) and memory.. so the existing 939 platform will eventually be phased out for the new one.

I guess my question is: when, if its a few months down the road, ill just go ahead and max out this set-up, if the new chipsets 1 year or so away I'll do a full upgrade.

Hard to say exactly when the new stuff will be hitting.. but more and more pics of actual mobos and processors are showing up on the net... I would suspect that by mid summer we'll be full into M2 products.


Ok thanks.

I'm at the same point Nos, since the wife and I paying off the last of our solo-day bills are starting to save for a house money is tight.

I've managed to talk the wife into letting me skim a bit of my upcoming bonus for a AGP 7800 OC card, but can't see dropping $300 on a dead end system. I've since been able to talk her into $600 for a 7900 GT card, Asus nForce 4 Ultra board, the cheapest AMD 64 processor and another gig of RAM. I'll then snatch up a X2 processor and SATA drive down the road when the new AMD stuff comes out.

Yeah the Asus cards have an interesting feature that just might win me away from BFG (their lifetime warranty is nice, along with the pre OCing of the card, meaning I don't have to void my warranty) the GameReplay (assuming it isn't a huge resource hog) sounds very interesting.

now to find a good deal on those (any suggestions? I usually shop a local B&M that is a part dealer (General Nanosystems) so there prices aren't the cheapest, but I get my stuff today

I buy most my stuff from newegg.

I'll have to check out the Asus cards as I was leaning towards eVga, which seems to be popular around these parts.
Selection of 3 eVga cards from $320-340.
Asus nForce 4 Ultra board $89.99
Athlon 64 3000 $109.00 (Free pencil holder and clock while supplies last! woot!)
Take your pick for memory 1GB as low as $66.25. I'm actually buying 2 512 OCZ's that my friend had in his machine that match my PC433 memory I already have.

I'm just planning to use my existing harddrives, DVD, case to help keep the cost down.

I typically have my order within 3 days even with the cheapest shipping at newegg.