Seagate 5GB Minidrive


I've got one of these little UFO-like things. They're very small and totally self-contained so the cord is covered when not in use. It is an actual disc so you need to be a little more careful with it than a jump drive, but when it's not in use you can just throw it in your pocket and carry it around. It has a nice bright blue LED on top too.

Really handy for moving a good amount of data and I also keep a selection of useful diagnosis and repair programs on mine.

I just bought a Kingston 1gig USB flash drive for like 69.99 plus tax. I also have a 20.00 dollar rebate which I will send in to drop it down to 49.99, it's pretty sweet. I got it at the local Future Shop. It's sort of the Canadian version of Best Buy. In fact up here I think both stores are owned by the same company.

I want one of those USB drives that swells as you fill it with data. That's just freakin' hilarious.

Is that a USB drive in your pocket...