My DirecTV with Tivo: 2002 to 2006

Well, after 4 years, hundreds of recorded shows, a long drawn out spat of lock ups, two OS versions and a particularly colorful flury of verbage from your's truly, my downstairs Hughes DirecTV with Tivo unit has left this mortal coil.

Looks like the HDD failed completely, so I will be trying to see if I can find a kit to install a new HDD on it. Who know's? It may turn out to be a much needed upgrade.

Still, it will all depend on how long I can stave off the demand for TV downstairs. With Tivo being both the DVR and the receiver, one can't liev without the other.

So, DirecTV DVR's, any suggestions?
Anyone with any Expereince with hacking a Hughes DirecTV with Tivo and adding a HDD?

I'm waiting for DirecTV HD support in Windows Media Center. Until then, I'm just sticking with my old DirecTivo. Windows Media Center 2005 supports DirecTV non-HD right now.

I wouldn't throw much money at TiVo for DirecTV, it's a dead-end product. I'd just do the bare minimum to get you back up and running to hold you over if you don't want to spring to move to a Windows Media Center DVR solution.

We ended up with one of the DirecTV DVR's (R15). Got it setup and working in an hour complete with software upgrade. Still, not real happy with the change in interface. Not sure if you can set up a season pass equivilant on the new one.