Real time clock?

My pc has the led panel on the back (d link or something like that), that tells you when you have a problem of some sort.

I checked my manual and it says that the led signifies that it is hanging at the Real Time Clock, and now I can't a signal to my monitor. I would be grateful for any ideas on what I need to do.

Have you tried getting into the bios on boot up? If that isn't working try reseting your bios using the jumper on the motherboard and rebooting and immediatly getting into your bios so you can reset all the settings, including the time and date etc.

I hope that is the problem you are having. I assume you have an MSI mobo. I love that led bracket!

Yeah, it's an MSI board.

I went in and reset the CMOS by reseating the JBAT like it says to do. It didn't help. I also took the battery off the mb for more than 30 min like it said to do as well, again, not much help.

I have a buddy of mine looking at it right now and hopefully it will be something as simple as replacing a dead battery. With my track record though, I seriously doubt it.

I can't even get into the BIOS settings as I don't have a signal going to my monitor, I tried to do so though, hoping to get into the BIOS screen if I got a signal, no dice though.

Dont hesitate to give MSI a call. When I built my first machine it wouldnt boot. Tech support walked me through removing the mobo from the system to isolate the problem. They had me use thier box for a platform to set the mobo on, and taked me through starting it by shorting the power leads with a screwdriver. Turns out the back of the board was shorting out on the case. I felt like I was on the phone with MacGuyver. To this day I buy all MSI mobo's and video cards, been nothing but happy.

*edit* Just looked at the sequence in my manual, and testing the RTC is what happens just before the video card is initialized. Thought here is that if it cant initialize your video card, it may seem to stick at the previous step. Never heard of an RTC issue causing any problems, but bad video cards can take you straight to hell. If you have a spare switch it out....if you dont, take it out completely and see if the d-bracket stalls in the same place.

I have my wife's computer (the one I am using now), with a vid card in it that I will try out once I get my pc back from my friend. Hopefully he will be able to figure out the problem before I get it back.

I really hope it isn't the vid card, I bought that Nvidia 6600 GT less than about 6 months ago. I don't have the scratch for a new one.