Security Software for Peripherals

Anyone know of software that can keep track of peripherals attached to computers on a network? We have a growing theft problem at work with tings like wacom tablets and flat panel monitors.

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Well, kind of.

Honestly, I've never heard of any software like that and I'm not sure exactly what you'd expect it to do. The only scenario I can think it would be useful is assuming you have a central monitoring application that reports any disconnected peripherals and it would pop up on your screen.. but that's assuming the theft occurs while the target PC is turned on and someone is at the PC running the monitoring app to see the pop up and can go check it out. Chances are, if someone is going to steal something 1.) The PC won't be turned on, 2.) It probably wouldn't be the user of that particular PC (unless they're idiots).

That really sucks if your company is losing flatscreen monitors and Wacom tablets and short of using the first suggestion and locking everything to the desk, you may have to revisit the company security procedures (atleast temporarily until the issue is under control). Do employees have access 24/7 to the office.. that could be trouble. If you use some kind of alarm keypad, giving out individual codes to the people who need it can sometimes help. Knowing that they have a personal code and therefore their coming and going can be easily monitored can help deter versus having a single company-wide access code when it could be anyone that stops by on a weekend to "pick something up". In my office, only certain trusted employees have keys to the deadbolt and know the keycode to our alarm pad. Any employee who wants it can have total remote access if they wish to work from home over a weekend or whatever, but if they physically want to come into the office during non-business hours they need to get special permission from their manager and someone with access will have to be there with them. Maybe, for a little why, have someone stay late and covertly keep an eye on things. Anyone in particular working late more than usual? Perhaps make sure it's not some sticky fingered cleaning crew (our office has gone through several cleaning crews and suspiciously the crews seem to change when I hear some rumors of items missing from various offices in the building).

Deterrent may actually be easier/cheaper than actually trying to catch someone. If they think there's any posibility someone is watching, they generally won't risk it. Depending how gullible people in the office are (and how big of a company this is).. you could even spread a rumor that management has decided to put tracking devices on all the major peripherals so the police can find any missing equipment (Lojack baby!). That's a stretch, but if you're in a non-techy environment you'd be surprised what people believe. Hell, even buying those $5 fake cameras with blinking red lights and putting them around an office can help.

only old IT addadge I know....there is no security without physical security. If some one can walk out of the office with your stuff, I dont think a software solution is what you need friend

Much harder to do this I think. There is software that will let you disable USB ports, floppies and cd burners for data protection but I've not heard of anything to do what you describe.

Only things I can think of are:
1. RFID tags on everything, with those detectors at every door.
2. Security cameras at every building entrance. (these are pretty cheap nowadays)
3. Corporate Private Investigator.
Either way, once the person is caught, they should be handcuffed by the police and removed from the building. (preferrably the long way to ensure as many people as possible see the consequences of corporate theft.)

I recently picked up an Axis internet camera for my wife's daycare business and I'm extremely impressed with it. Assuming your building only has 3 or 4 exits total, the company can pick up a couple of their cameras. A lot of the models have IR night viewing capabilities and power over LAN so you don't even have to worry about pluging it into a socket. From there it's just a matter of seeing who's walking out of the building with said stolen items, or large boxes/bags. You may also want to check if the cleaning company recently hired anyone new. You also may want to check your outgoing mail service to see if anyone sent any packages out that may match the size/weight of any of the stolen items.

Oops let me explain further. I work for a school with 1000's of students. So the computers are shared over many classes. The computer labs are open from 8am to 1:30am. The computers are left running 24/7.

We have security cameras at every entrance on every floor. They have only managed to find some students with large backpacks but nothing concrete. We have a private security firm in addition to our own security guards.

We do have security cables but the week spot is the glue. With persistence the thief can scrape off the lock attachment.

Ouch.. I can't really think of anything that would help except going the steel cable route and just locking everything to the desks. Or depending on how many computer labs their are... dropping security cameras into each room. Even if nobody is monitoring them 24/7, at least having tape to go back to after something is noticed missing may help.

Where is the private security firm in all this? Do they not have any obligation to step up and do something about the situation?

Where is the private security firm in all this? Do they not have any obligation to step up and do something about the situation?

They are covering the other 25 buildings the school owns.

Just drop 1 or 2 of these cameras in each room. You can set them to automatically start recording when motion is detected, and they are fully IR capable. These things will even email you pictures if motion is detected. Imagine forwarding a nice high quality picture of the thief in action to the head of the school... while the deed is still being done! "here's your expulsion papers... and these nice officers have a warrant to search your domocile."
I'm sure you can find a similar camera cheaper. If you don't mind having one of these cameras hidden rather than in a tamper resistant case, you can get the same functionality without the housing in a different model, the only worry would be that it might get stolen. :/