It's Here Now!: Forward Progress Radio

Heh, nice. I'm not too heavily promoting the podcast until I get out of Early Podcast Suckville. This first one was me making all my mistakes now and trying to get enough of them out of the way to make things tolerable. I listened to a bit in the car and the "lozenge" effect was annoying. I've gotta go back to the doctor's this Friday, hopefully I can be rid of this damned scratchy throat and strained breathing crap. I'll try and figure out how to make things sound less annoying in the meantime.

I was curious enough to give it a listen. I skipped around a lot, but I liked the quick 15-second bursts I heard.

That said, all your commentary was WRONG. Yeah, that trade of... the big guy, to... that football team? You were totally wrong about that. And that one quarterback, he's actually really GOOD at throwing footballs. You said he was bad at that, but he's actually good.

Bah. Who am I kidding. I know nothing about football. I'm only barely better than my ex, who used to root for the colors of a team's jersey. Given that I wouldn't know either way, you seemed to really know what you're talking about, and that's the important part. The technical side of stuff was actually quite good, as well. Usually things are rockier on a first episode. Good work.

May I suggest you acknowledge the link on your site and perhaps encourage the new visitors to be sure to check out future episodes as you work out the kinks? Just a thought that you should try to take advantage of the linkage.

*Legion* wrote:

Huey Lewis punches you in the balls!

You're God damned right he does!

BTW, good podcast. I look forward to hearing more.

Legion, are we going to get our pre-draft podcast fix today?

Good jorb! I can't wait to get home from work and give this a listen, especially since my question was chosen!

Yeah, not so much.

Grumpicus wrote:

Yeah, not so much. :twisted:

I moved on to my next one-shot podcast.


Just like my dates in high school.