Dreamcast reset - NOOOO!

About 4 months ago, I bought me a nice little Dreamcast with 4 controllers and some party games and single player classics. Had loads of fun since then.

A few days ago though, my DC started to sizzle on me. During a Virtua Tennis match it suddenly resetted to the Dreamcast logo, like a cold boot. I let it rest for a while, but after ten minutes it always happens again. I get the feeling that after I let it rest for a day or two, it takes half an hour to screw up, then always after ten minutes or so. Maybe I should measure the time.

So, any thoughts on what I could do? My hopes aren't exactly skyhigh, I'm already looking on e-bay for a replacement. But any suggestions are more than welcome, and even if there's no solution I'd really like to know what happened to my beloved DC. Would, for instance, breaking it open and vacuuming the inside or something like that, be a good idea?

Sizzling noise? That sounds suspiciously like a powersupply problem. You may in fact have to get a whole new unit.