Mouse and keyboard suddenly gone voodoo

Alright, this is weird. Suddenly my mouse and keyboard stopped working, in the same time. The lights are up, but I can neither type nor move the mouse a tiny bit.
Restarts yield no results, everything starts up fine, its just that those two naughty input devices dont recognize my authority.

The weird thing is- my Wacom tablet works fine, so I can move and point mouse with it. However, since I can`t type, it doesnt really solve anything :\

Anyone has the slightest idea where the fault might be? I pulled them out and plugged back in, but it didnt really solve anything :\


Ah, well, they both work, when plugged in USB port. I guess it means something in the motherboard has gone voodoo? :[
How..inconvinient. I`m not going to buy new hardware until autumn :\

USB mouse and keyboard?

Certis, yeh, they`re USB, but plugged in via adapter.

So, plugged in to the PS/2 port? If they are, you might want to see if connecting directly to a USB port makes a difference.

It does. When plugged in in USB port, stuff works finely. I guess its motherboard issue :\