Windows Mobile 5.0 & Direct Push Outlook

I am exploring this option for work (as opposed to the cost of a Blackberry solution) and was wondering when this is to be released, if anyone has had a chance to play with it yet, and what any opinions anyone might have of it.

I'm checking this out next week... I have some smartphone 5.0 devices on order..

Glad to see I'm not the only one looking into this; there are a fair number of the 5.0 phones available now.

I am pondering same very thing. On Cingular (which I use), you can run XPressMail Personal Edition to push stuff from your Outlook on desktop to your phone, so you don't even need to have your company Exchange server to be configured in any special way. The only thing that concerns me is that'd like to have a phone-format device with WiFi, and Cingular doesn't have one (T-Mobile does have an SDA).

Yes, that's still one big-ass PDA. I want something phone-sized and pocketable.