Development Policies and Procedures

I'm currently working on formalizing some policies and procedures for application development for the company I work for and am looking for a little help/input/no ridiculing you punks ;).

A lot of the PnP stuff I can come up with on my own due to experience with such things, but there are different always ideas out there and some of them may even be better than mine.

Does anyone have any ideas or, mostly, good references to use as research for implementing App Dev PnP?

What exactly are you looking for here? Formalized steps for developing a product or a statement of "Thou shall not steal from the company or call in sick before GA"?

I've just seen the term PnP used to cover such a variety of things I'm not sure what people mean by it anymore without context.

I realize I'm not really using the correct terminology here, but "it was earlier and I had no coffee yet" is the story I'm sticking to!

Some of the things I'm covering so far is how to handle source control such as what to store, how to organize, how to document changes, etc. How to do development and end user testing, getting production deployment sign offs from management and end users. Documenting applications (repositories, etc.)

There are some actual PnP type things to adress as well. I've been meaning to get around to writing this all up for some time now but my time is very little. We had an incident yesterday with a partial deployment of a production desktop application that was installed during business hours and the database changes had not been implemented yet. This of course leads to what I am doing today.. :p