Some advice please: is a 24" dell MUCH better than a 20"?

So I see that a lot of GWJers lover their Dell 2005 screens, and many have said they lust for the 2405 instead. My 19" CRT seems to be dying, and I thought I might take the plunge into the LCD arena, since many have said the hardware is up to gaming these days.

I've got a little bit of cash, so could buy the 2405 as a birthday/Christmas gift to myself.


I see that the 2005s are on sale right now (20% off), or shows a deal for $700 for a new computer WITH the 2007 20" monitor (the 2005's replacement, as I understand it).

Extreme Tech liked all of them, but rated the 2007 better than the 2405.


Is the 24" monitor THAT much better than the 20"? Or should I take the steal now and get a 30" in five years when they're $99?

If you're interested in widescreens, those are on sale too:

No idea of 24 vs 20. I've got the Dell Widescreen 20.1 (got it after my Dell CRT died), and love it.

Personally I would go for the Dell 20.1 monitor, if I was going to go for one of the various Dell screens, but then the 24" set has always seemed like overkill to me.

That and the hardware required to run games in it's native resolution would cost an arm and a leg.

If you can wait the 2405 is getting a refresh as well the 2407 appears to have a sub 8ms pixel response.

The Dell 2005FPW doesn't have a component input, a 12ms response time and has a lower contrast ratio (600:1 compared to 1000:1 for the 2405). The 2405 has a 9 in 1 card reader, which is a cool feature, but not a huge selling point. I couldn't find the response time for the 2405 on Dell's site (granted, I didn't do a whole lot of digging).

If you're only going to conenct a PC to it, and you have an older video card, go for the 2005. Like Thin_J said, in order to run games in the monitor's native resolution, you'll need a fairly beefy vid card to get decent framerates.

If you're going to connect mutiple devices to the monitor, like a console, DVD player or cable box, I think the 2405 works better. The additional component input and the card reader make it more of a "mutimedia hub" as opposed to a straight PC monitor. Up until last week, the 2405 was on sale for $799, so it'll probably go on sale again in a month or two, if you can wait.

I hadn't considered not having the video hardware to run the thing. I'm not in an upgrade cycle right now (especially if I blow the cost of a PC on the monitor)
Would a Radeon 9700 be up to the task?