Overclocking an x850XT

Just picked up one of these bad boys. I know it ain't the top of the line, but newegg had it for $170, which seemed like a pretty good deal. First off, the thing is a freaking brick! I have never seen such a big card. I mean, just look at that thing! The fan looks pretty nifty though. Anyway, I am wondering if anyone has any experience overclocking this card. Would it be recommended? Should I get a new cooling system before overclocking? I keep hearing about an ATI Tool, but I don't really have much experience with this stuff. Thanks for the help.


This is evidently the bees knees when it comes to replacement cooling for Video Cards..


Easy to install..runs cooler and quieter.. seems like a win win..

comes ready out the box.. even with thermal compound applied.

I tried overclocking my X850XT for Oblivion but it was too unstable. Flickering textures, odd colors, and eventually a crash. The ATI Control Center has a section called "ATI Overdrive" that lets you overclock the Processor and Memory. It even has an automated utility that slowly overclocks your card and monitors the temperature and stops when it thinks it's reached the limit of your card. But even when I tried that it didn't work out too well so I just put it all back at the default. Maybe you'll have better luck.