IE 7 Beta2

Anyone else using this? So far I like it. The tabs (yes I know firefox has this) are nice to have while still supporting all the IE stuff

The last IE beta I tried was for 5 and it broke a lot of things on my system. Plus, it was a huge pain uninstalling it. Since then I've tried to stay away from IE betas (not that the final release isn't a glorified beta anyway).

I am looking forward to some of the improvements, but I doubt it will get me to stop using Firefox at home.

Send in those bug reports, so the rest of us don't have to.

I'm using it too.... like it pretty well so far. On my dial-up connection it still does the same bit of joy that Maxthon did; e.g., when multiple pages are loading, it will completely lock up the browser for 30-40 seconds while pages load;.. but once it loads, it seems very smooth.

If it can avoid the dreaded 38% bug of Maxthon it might make me switch over for good.

*Note to Battlefield/EA downloader users*
Unless they fixed it since the last release, IE7 will break the EA downloader used by BF2.

I've found it works for 90% of the sites out there so far. A few use weird java ads that don't show up right. On one site they cover form I need to fill out and on another it block a webcomic strip I like. Not too bad really for a beta.