No MLB on DS

I posted this exact thread in the Games and Platforms section and it just got buried. I don't know if we can move threads, so, I just made it again. Sorry for the clutter and if it's locked or deleted or whatnot in Games and Platforms then that's actually preferable to me.

Anyway, to the problem at hand. Has anyone else noticed a lack of America's pastime on the Dual Screen? There's soccer, at least two golf games, football, skateboarding, racing, but no baseball. Not even a half-assed port of MLB 2006 or anything. I'm not a huge lover of sports games but I did enjoy MVP 2005 to the point of adoration but I would love something portable.

It seems that with a touch screen they could really come up with a fun new mechanic for hitting and pitching. Hell, maybe even fielding and running the bases.

I also haven't seen any basketball or hockey on the DS but that's for someone else's rant.