Xbox 360 on PC Monitor Setup. (Audio Help)

I've been a little frustrated with playing my 360 on my non-widescreen tv after seeing what the real deal looks like on my family's tv. At the suggestion of someone in the forums here I hooked my 360 up to the component connection on my monitor. It worked! I was so excited for about five seconds. Then I realized that I do, in fact, need sound. Is there any decent way to connect a 360 to the 5.1 Logitech speakers on my computer? A solution that doesn't involve plugging and unplugging cables every time I switch would be nice too. Basically: what do I need to buy? Thanks for any help!

This adapter will let you convert those red and white RCA Phono plugs into a 1/8" stereo plug. This Y-adapter should save you the trouble of switching wires around all the time, but I don't know how this will affect sound quality.

Most likely, your computer speakers will accept a male 1/8" plug, unless your speakers don't swing that way. Alternatively, they attach to your sound card via a 1/8" male ended wire permanently soldered into the back of one of the speakers or the woofer. In this case, you'll need more or different parts. How do your speakers connect to your computer?

Also keep in mind that the XBox 360 VGA HD Cable comes with one of the Phono-to-Stereo adapters (the first one I linked).

I have the Component HD AV Cable and the VGA HD AV cable. On my projector, (Infocus Screenplay 4805), the Component HD AV cable displays richer colors with a loss of sharpness. The image that comes out of the VGA HD AV cable is washed out, but it is noticeably sharper.

I can't compare the two on my LCD because it only has VGA and DVI inputs; it has no component inputs.

Does the Logitech speaker set come with a decoder, or does it all plug into your soundcard? I've got an old Cambridge Soundworks DTS3500, which has a small decoder that the speakers plug in to. It also has an optical input, so I run that cable from the 360 into the decoder. 5.1 sound from the 360, Digital Din from the soundcard, no switching required.

Edit - Had backup tapes on the mind when I wrote this. Fixed the name of the speakers.

All of the speakers hook into the sub-woofer which has a larger connection to the right front speaker. That speaker has cables which run into the sound card.

Desram, what's the make/model of your speakers?