Component Video Switch Recommendation

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Well, my wife went and got me Guitar Hero + a PS2 for my birthday (I swear that game has sold more consoles than any other:). Now, with the new console, I have 3 devices with component output (HD Cable, XBox 360, PS2), but only 2 component inputs on my TV.

So, does anyone have a recommendation for a component video/audio switcher? Looking for something that:

1. Doesn't degrade the picture/sound of the switched components.
2. Auto-switches or remote-switches the signal (I've seen some that require you to manually press a button on the unit to switch. That'd drive me nuts.
3. Doesn't cost a ton.


I just bought a Pscyclone PSC01 A/V Switch for about $99 that's doing a grand job for me. Works great with the Logitech Harmony 360 Remote (first ever universal remote that is truly universal (sans radiowave remotes :/)).

1.) Not that I can tell
2.) Has a remote with a signal that can be learned by universal remotes
3.) $99 was cheaper for me than upgrading my AV receiver...


Other options include Joytech (very nice) and Score (notorious for high its defect rate).

I use this one.. its pretty kick ass and does auto switching..

I'm using Sony Component Switch SB-V55A... it has both auto-switch and manual. I've had it for about 3 years and could not be happier. One gripe I would have with it is that the front ports don't really work out that well for me... but that due to my set up and cabling.

Should this go in the Tech and Help forum? Here's an old AVSforum thread on the topic.

I'm going to second the recommendation on the Joytech, specifically for the 240c. I've had it about a month, and it works well for me. Entering in the labels of the different inputs is a pain since it's like setting your clock on the VCR. But it's something you won't have to do often. Overall, not as nice as the one GameGuru has , but not as pricey either.

1) I haven't seen any picture/sound degradation, but my sound system isn't high quality. I have a Logitech Z-5500 for my sound and an Infocus Screenplay 4805 480p projector and it works fine.
2) Doesn't do auto switching, but it switches via remote. Also works with the Logitech 360 Harmony remote.
3)Beast Buy has it for $90.

Wow...great recommendations! Thanks so much!

Whoops, moving to tech!

I have the Pelican System Selector Pro.