WoW: 45-Minute Baron Run

I was part of the first group in our guild to complete the 45-min Baron kill. I highly recommend doing this run. It can be frustrating as you learn the best tactics for it, but it is a very intense fight that keeps your adrenaline running the whole time. Here's a reprint of what I've posted in a couple places:

There isn't time to tank, we went mostly DPS and healing. Two DPS warriors, a rogue, a paladin for backup DPS or healing, and my priest. I was constantly drinking while pulls started, never really at full mana once the run started (I've got 313 Spirit, Blue Dragon card, and 35 mana/5). I burned about 40 Blessed Sunfruit Juice and 12 Major Mana potions during the run, and healed about 515,000 points of damage (without a lot of overhealing, there isn't time to waste mana and top people off).

It took us a few tries to figure out the optimal path. We eventually went spider, banshee, Maleki, taking the route that skips the rat gate. We skipped every group we could, pulling into small cleared areas and concentrating on killing humanoids over zombies because they have less armor. You can skip Magistrate Barthilas completely. You need to hit the Abominations with about 15 minutes left. We pulled Abominations close to two at a time, it seemed to work best with one at about 20% when the next one came in. I shackled them if the current target was going to live more than a few seconds. Holy Nova was decent on the oozelings, a little too much mana cost when healing the damage the Abominations do, but really destroyed the skeleton wave right after Ramstein.

There was a long pause before the skeleton guards came out, about a minute as we screamed at the door and beat on our desks in frustration. They finally came out, we smashed them and ran in to take on the Baron. We engaged him at about 42 minutes, and killed him by 44. We set up a rotation of Holy Water to deal with the skeleton spawns, and I used Holy Nova a couple times. I'm not sure if you just have to engage the Baron by 45 min, or actually kill him.

This may be a spoiler, but here's a screenshot of the end.

You can also see in that shot that we are not loaded up with uber gear. I think the only MC item in the group is my Girdle of Prophecy. A few other PvP or crafted purples (Unstoppable Force, Truefaith Vestments), but mostly blues.

Congrats! I've only heard horror stories so far from people attempting this. Although I got a mage at 60, I'll probably wait until my lvl 52 rogue is up before I attempt this. Was this the end of the quest line to upgrade the armor, or was there more to go?

That's awesome, ST. Well done!

I heard that you just need to engage Baron in 45 minutes. After the start of the encounter, you may take as long as you like.

booty wrote:

Was this the end of the quest line to upgrade the armor, or was there more to go?

You have to do a gathering quest, which is another huge gold sink. 20 Enchanted Leather (which take one lesser eternal essence each), 3 Dark Iron Bars, 4 Cured Rugged Hides, and 3 Mooncloth. After that is a trip into the Dire Maul library, where you get a quest to kill ogres in Dire Maul and Blackrock Spire to gather beads from them. You need 25, and that is where I am now.

That's a whole lot of questing and money! Are they giving you your upgrades as you go, or just saving it until the end?

Pants, shoulders, and boots are all at once at the end of this sequence, which has a few more steps left. You do get a decent neck piece from the ogre beads, though. Only have the Devout Sandals, so I have to run UBRS and Strat dead until I get the shoulders and skirt. Ugh, only have run them about 50 times each already and never seen either drop.

Big huge spoilers on the entire chain:

I did the 45 minute Baron run last night. Our group consisted of me(Warrior), Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Mage. We managed to finish it on the third try. First time we wiped due to multiple people pulling early on and just reset the instance. Second time we got to the abominations with about 9 minutes left and died on them from the little slimes killing us as the casters had run out of mana.

Third time we nailed it. Got to the Baron with three minutes remaining finished him with 33 seconds still left on the timer. Frankly this was the most fun i've had in WoW. We had a map of the pulls you should do and skip and in what order located here...

Other than that i'm a fury specced warrior at the moment and I pretty much tanked pretty loosely up until the abominations mostly I was in berserker stance dual wielding that whole time including the bosses. I would switch to defensive and taunt mobs off casters but usually the rogue would be tanking one and I would get the others on me and then assist him. The biggest advantage of berserker stance is not the extra 3 percent chance to crit but the ability to break fear. Fear from the gargoyles is the most likely thing to wipe you here so being able to break fear is a very useful tool on this run.

The rogue in our group was very well equipped and doing an incredible amount of damage with me in full dps mode and a mage to back us up we were tearing through mobs in no time. On our third try I switched to tanking gear at the abominations figuring we were ahead of schedule with about 10 minutes to go and since our problem was running out of mana the previous time I figured I could save some of the priests mana by simply keeping as many hitting me as possible. All in all an incredible run and I recommend everyone do it. It's fairly difficult but a very rewarding experience when you complete it, and that's coming from someone who didn't even have the quest :).

That map is awesome! Snizzles needs to do the 45 min Baron run on Blackhand. I'm fairly sure there are at least 2 or 3 more of you that need it as well. If anyone wants to give it a serious try, let me know!

Very nice map. I need to do this someday, but I haven't don't the prereq quests yet. Maybe I'll get on that this week assuming the camping has toned down.

I also need the questline up to this, although it may require non BOE set items and I don't have any of those. I did up to where I got all three BoE Sorcorer's set items given to me. I have some device I think to go talk to some dead guy maybe?

painthappens wrote:

I also need the questline up to this, although it may require non BOE set items and I don't have any of those. I did up to where I got all three BoE Sorcorer's set items given to me. I have some device I think to go talk to some dead guy maybe?

Just head to the main gates of Strat in EP, use the item and talk to the guy. You should be able to do this with ease solo. Then you get the quest for the 45 min baron run. You will not need any additional BOP set items for the Baron run as it just leads to yet another quest!

I helped someone do the Black Rock Depths arena challenge thing last night. It's probably as hard as the 45 minute Baron run just not as time consuming. Basically you just go into the BRD arena and put down some flag. Then after killing two waves of non-elite lizards a party of five elites comes out of the middle door. If you fight them as they come out you have no chance to sap them however if you wipe and can get everyone up before they despawn and out of aggro range you can sap one.

We had a party consisting of a Warrior, Rogue, Mage, Shaman, Shaman. We won after a couple of wipes. The things to note are that the mobs fight like they are in pvp basically you can't taunt them they try to kill healers first. I didn't know this going in and after two fights trying to tank standard I finally got wise and switched into my dps gear. Once we had their shaman sapped and their priest sheeped we beat the encounter without any problem. Also you should note that the hitpoints of the different npc's differ greatly. It's best to take on the mage first as he does tons of damage and only has about 5k hitpoints so you can down him quickly. Second we did the rogue as he has low hps as well and will stunlock your healer if you leave him up. At that point we did the warrior since the other two were cc'd and then went on to the shaman and finally priest. It took a bit of trial and error but once you get it down it's pretty doable. The main thing is just to realize how different the encounter is compared to normal PVE.

Hmmm, that sounds like Blizzard is making encounters that will train people in PvP so the transition isnt as daunting. Sounds like a really good thing.

Hmm so go priest, mage, shaman, rogue, then warriors?
(in other words: healer, nuker,nuke/healer, DPS, tanks)