Xbox Live / DSL Router Disconnects

I'm having some issues with my router. I have a stock configuration (DHCP) and the only thing I have adjusted is the WLAN settings with a 64 Bit WEP key. For the past year or so, I get random disconnects from the Internet.

My D-Link Router

My computer and Xbox 360 are both using WIRED connections.

What I find, is that when playing with my 360, I will get disconnected from Live frequently. I will try to log back in, but no dice. I then reboot the router, wait about 2 minutes, and I'm able to get back in. Several minutes later - BAM. Down again.

It's been fine for a while, but this problem is resurfacing again. I haven't made any changes to the router, computer or 360, so I'm starting to think it's a hardware/physical issue.

Have any of you had any grief from weird, random disconnects - not just from Live, but with anything connected to the router?


Maybe you need to upgrade the router's firmware.

Thanks Swamp, I think i'll look into that when I get home. A co-worker also suggested I take a look at the logs when it logs into XBL so I can see what's happening (if it's releasing my IP for some reason).

Hopefully that will work, although from the guys around here I haven't heard too much good on D-Link.

Good luck! And if you have to replace it, NewEgg and MWave have solid Lynksys wired routgers at about $40.

Come to think of it, I can send you my old Linksys BFSR-41 wired for let's say shipping and $10 if you're interested. Works fine, I just replaced it for a wireless/wired combo router