So, I want to made a pod/videocast.. now what?

I am the "I.T" guy for a locaq nonprofit, and we would like to start a pod/videocast and have it up on itunes and various other outlets for download. I was wondering what would be the best solution for this? I read the podcast FAQS on the itunes store, and I assume it's somewhat similar for videopodcasts as well, but where could I host the files so I dont get bent over when it comes to bandwidth? Our nonprofit is small and we dont anticipate a lot of users downloading these files, but possibly we could have at least 300+ people subscribing to the feed and possibly more as time goes on. Would I be able to host at yourtube or something and link from there?
How much data does GWJ radio go through per show (on average?) The time we are looking to hit for each show would be mo longer than 20 minute.. 25 tops.. but i'm still kind of in the dark about where I should begin. We would like to have some content up as early as July.


A little help please? i figured since the site does have it's own podcast, at least fletcher or one of the bossguys could chime in.

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Sorry, this forum doesn't appear on the "recent posts" list, so people have to actively troll this place to see these requests.

Do you own a Mac? It's super easy on a Mac. Otherwise, no idea

I honestly don't understand what you're asking, Ganguro. Seems like you're wanting to create and distribute a podcast but have no idea where to start. Not sure if that's a place I'd want to be if I were you, but thankfully the web is chock full of handy info on the subject.

If you're asking how to make a podcast in general, there are numerous beginner guides to this on the web for the googling. For advanced set-ups, I've already posted a guide to how we do ours at MY SITE.

If you're asking about hosting and/or bandwidth my answer is: I have no idea. I don't handle that aspect for GWJ Radio. I know that audio and video files are huge, relatively speaking, and that bandwidth is expensive. Not sure if you'll be able to find a "non-profit company-sized" solution for that.

Hope that helps, 'cause it's all I got.

P.S. The Always Cute James Kim did a deal on podcasting at CNET a while back. I'm not sure how in-depth it is, but hey, it's James Kim, for f*ck's sake. It has to at least be cute.

Well, Thanks fletch..
I have a studio to use that has your standard mic setup, mixer board, etc.. so that's not an issue, but mostly I was wonderign what the best method of distrobution would be. We have asite, but im not sure what our bandwidth limitations are, and I'm wondering if it would be better financially to go the bit torrent route and get a tracker to list the file, have a superseed from our server and distribute it that way. Though, we would really like the visibility, ease of use and audience that iTunes could provide..
I will check out your site though, and James is cute, but im more of a Molly Wood fan. I like my wimmin's awkward looking.