Web-based POP mail access?

I need to hook my boss up with a way to check his POP mail from abroad. He's not too savvy and apparently has issues with configuring OE to dial-in to the company server.

I've heard a rumor that there's a web-based solution out there but I have no idea what it might be. Little help?

A quick search for "web pop3" returns a number of sites, such as Mail2Web.com. Once the account access has been set up, they seem very easy to use.

However, I have to say I'd be very wary of sharing my work email password with random free websites - who knows who's running them? - and doubly so if the same password is used for other work resources (like Windows login or network file shares).

This is especially troubling with POP3, which transmits passwords without encryption - so even if the website itself doesn't have ill intentions, all it takes is for someone to sniff on the line, to get the password without any problem...

If you have a Yahoo mail account, you can set it up to check an external POP3 mailbox as well.

Mail Options | Management | Mail Addresses

I found the link to mail2web right after I posted this. It seems to be exactly what he was looking for. We're not sharing state secrets or anything, so I'm not tool worried about that. Thanks, guys.

Exchange 2000 and later has web access built in if that helps at all. http://[mailserver]/exchange/[username]

gmail also lets you check pop accounts.