Recommend me: a good AntiVirus program

I soured on Norton A/V about three years ago; never cared much for McAfee....

Wht else is there that's fast, good, and not a huge install?

Thanks in advance.

NOD32 has very small memory footprint, and it is one of the best in term of detecting viruses. The only downside is that it is not as "newbie friendly" and you have to pay for it.

If you want free virus protectioni, AVG offer one of the best free virus protection that has small memory footprints too. I believe many goodgers here uses this one, so it is highly recommended as well.

NOD32 and Kaspersky seem to be the reigning champs in commercial AV, with F-Prot close behind. For free it seems to be between AVG and Avast. It's early, Google your own links.

AVG for teh win.

I'm a fan of Symantec AV (not Norton AV - SAV is the "enterprise" version). More expensive, but very good.

Symantec AV suffers from the same problem as Norton AV - their SARC releases signature updates too late during an outbreak. My parents' machines have been infected several times only because Symantec AV didn't have the updates in time for a virus that have been around a couple of days already.

edit: it seems we already did sticky a thread like this. IT guy toolkit

I hope you find what you need.

I use the all-in-one package from Zonelabs. I've not had any of the problems I suffered with Norton, but they (Zonelabs) are notorious for releasing very poor point upgrades (#.0.0 versions). After the first few bad attempts, things seem to settle in quite nicely. The key is to carefully update with them.

Nod32 for everything.

I've always wanted to say this: Avast!

Works great, is free.