Xbox Live Problems - Pray for Mojo

I just got a wireless adapter for my 360. When I ran the connection test the first time, everything was fine until it tested the xbox live connection. It said I needed to update, I said ok. Then some error ocurred and I don't think the update went though. Now when I run the connection test, it has an MTU error. My wireless router is a belkin 54g. Any thoughts? Thanks.

EDIT: I tried switching on Access Point Mode.. Now everything works great.. Except that I'm in access point mode... Anyways now I can't even change my router settings. When I enter the IP for my router, it just times out.

Desram wrote:

EDIT: I tried switching on Access Point Mode.. Now everything works great.. Except that I'm in access point mode... Anyways now I can't even change my router settings. When I enter the IP for my router, it just times out.

Sounds like you may need to reset the router to manufacturer defaults if you can't even access it's config page now. Check for an updated firmware while you're at it, maybe it fixes the glitch w/ Xbox live.

How do I reset it if I can't configure it? I already poked that reset button in the back, not sure if that resets the settings. It didn't work in any case.

You didn't give an exact model number that matched those here so from one of their router manuals:

Manual wrote:

Restoring the Factory Defaults
Press and hold the Reset button for at least ten seconds then release it. The lights on the Router will momentarily flash. The Power/Ready light will begin to blink. When the Power/Ready light becomes solid again, the restore is complete.

Afterwards if you're still having MTU issues try dropping the MTU setting down in increments of eight until it works.

I couldn't change that MTU as far as I could see. I remember somebody on some forum saying that you can't drop it on my model. I've resolved to just leave it as an access point for now. I don't need the headache and everything seems to be working. I'll just pray to Joe Pesci that no one comes and beats up my network.

So I got tired of having my router in access point mode. I reset the router factory settings. Now when I try to connect with my 360 the test result is "Unable to negotiate an IP with DHCP server" or something to that effect. I've got a connection, it just won't assign the 360 an IP. I tried doing it manually but then it says it can't talk to the gateway (i'm pretty sure I have the gateway right -> I'm not sure what to do now.

First off, if you're getting an IP from the DHCP server, you shouldn't need to set the gateway. A router's failure to assign an IP through DHCP is usually indicative of lousy firmware. Have you flashed the router with the latest firmware? Try that before anything else; if you still can't get the router to assign an IP to the xbox, you could eventually set the IP manually on the Xbox; just make sure it's one that's not being used by any other machine on the network.

I tried it manually and it didn't work. My settings
IP:192.168.2.whatever (tried 5, 6, 60, 90)
I'll try updating firmware but I think I might have done that when I got the 360 last month.

Also make sure to re-check that gateway address; it's usually or for most routers by default. I don't think I've ever seen .2.1 as the default.

I'm pretty sure it is. Unless I've misunderstood what the gateway ip is. I checked the "gateway" ip listed on my PC's connection to the same router. Would the wireless on the same router be a different ip?

What's the model number for your router? I think I'd need to download and look at the manual to conjure up any more suggestions.

Do you have any sort of wireless encryption set up? Like creating a key via a passphrase? Also, make sure the wireless settings aren't MAC address restricted. After resetting the router, is it still configured to act as a DHCP server?

Your default gateway should be the router's internal IP address (192.168.x.x). This will also be your DHCP server address.

On a PC connected to the router, click on Start, Run, type CMD and hit enter. From the command prompt type ipconfig /all. Assuming your PC is a DHCP client, you should be able to get the settings the router is handing out to wired clients. Check the lease dates to make sure you've received a lease recently. Using the default gateway provided, you can manually configure your wireless adapter for testing. Just don't use the same IP address as any wired machines.

-64-bit WEP key
-Not sure about the MAC address (I can lug any old laptop onto my network it seems, just not the xbox)
-DHCP enabled

I'll check my PC when I get home.

I turned the WEP off and everything is fine now. This doesn't really make sense as I turned it on after the problem started in the first place. Oh well.

Does the 360 wireless setup let you enter the passphrase for the WEP key, or do you have to enter the key manually? I'm using mine wired, so I'm not familiar with the setup. You might have been missing a character in the key if you had to do it manually. Just brainstorming ideas...

It asked for the key when I tried to connect. I was really careful entering the key. Everything seems fine now. I guess I have to go open up ports. God I hate routers.

I've had better luck with the Xbox Wireless Connection/my 54g router when I used WPA. If you want to secure your wireless network, try that.

Thanks, guys.