Updating GalCiv2 without using Stardock?

I think the title says it all. I love the game, hate the bugs, but when I click update game it wants me to install Stardock. I don't see an alternate means on their website. Before I start galvanting across the Internet, has anyone here updated the game without using Stardock?

Why wouldn't you want to? It's not an invasive DRM or anything.

Stardock is the developer. Starforce is the crap. Stardock is has made it clear that they are anti-Starforce. No worries, on that front.

botswana, stardock is not invasive at all. Stardock central make updating much easier. Plus it comes with built in forum browser and irc chat with the developer that I am sure you would love to use. If you feel strongly about not getting it though, your best bet would be to email the stardock people, and ask them to provide you a link to the files that you will need.

Also, you really only need the stardock central on one of your computers. After you get the things you needed, you can always archive them and unpack them to another computer.

Botswana wrote:

has anyone here updated the game without using Stardock?

Bots, I think that's part of the whole StarDock/Gal Civ experenice. I missed the bus on Gal Civ 1 due to the horridness of Master of Orion III. *shudder* IMAGE(http://pages.sbcglobal.net/cjansen/images/n1qshok.gif) It was awful by the way.

Regardless, I am fairly confident that Star Dock only hands out updates via their software and they use this to discourage piracy of their game. It's fairly brilliant actually. Want to play an excellent 4x space game? Want their updates and tweaks that improve game play based on player recommendations? Then buy the game.

I have not had any issues with their app nor have I seen any problems via Search and Destroy. This is very much unlike Wild Tangents issues with Fate.