Does anyone have a 7900GT video card?

I finally took the plunge and decided to spend some hard earned cash to upgrade my system from its aging (yet still worthy) Radeon 9800 PRO. After much deliberation I decided on the Nvidia 7900GT. The card is on its way.

My question... I checked the tech specs and noticed that it mentions dual DVI output. My problem; I have a 19 inch CRT with only an analog/standard VGA plug. Do these cards usually include an adapter to plug into a standard CRT, or am I going to be stuck having to 'upgrade' to an LCD?

Here's the card I picked up:

EDIT: Hmm... I think I may have found the dongle I need... a DVI to VGA adapter. If you have an 7900GT/7900GTX , did one of these adapters come wsith the card? The MSI site didn't mention one.


usually yes.. they come in the box.. sometimes 2 but usually at least 1

Yeah, I've bought three cards in the last year that didn't have VGA connections and they all came with 2 adapters.