What AGP video card upgrade should I get

I want to upgrade my pc, but I am not interested in doing the new machine upgrade at this point.

I am however stuck in AGP mode.

I was thinking of picking up an ATI Radeon x850 xt for around 300 (CDN) off Ebay.

Anyone have other AGP video card recomendations... My price point is 350.00 (cdn)

I'm pretty happy with my 6800GT, you can get one pretty cheaply nowadays.

I spent some ime online and it looks like I can get a new Nvidia 7800 GS for the same price as a Radeon x850 XT on Ebay.

Thoughts and more thoughts.

I was looking at things like the 7800 GS and others, but they're so freaking long, they won't fit inside my computer! I'm looking to get the X800 GTO instead. Not much of a frame rate boost over the 9800 Pro, but it will let me use higher graphical settings at higher resolutions.

EDIT: Well hell.... I don't know what to believe.

Newegg shows this picture of Sapphire's X800GTO AGP:

Digit-Life shows this picture of Sapphire's X800GTO AGP:

I was looking at this card based on the Digit-Life image, but now I'm afraid that the one shown on Newegg won't fit either. I wonder how you can get ACCURATE length dimensions of a card without buying it, and measuring it yourself?

I'm also considering the option of upgrading my video card from my 9600xt and it still seems that AGP cards aren't worth the long term investment aspecially because i'm planning to get a new pc when Conroe and the dx10 VGAs get out . 7800GS is the most expensive pick which cost about 425$US in israel(including tax without it it's 365$) the cheapest i can ever get it is around 412$ for paying cash. as far as i understand 7800GS can run fear on highest setting no problem.

i have another option of replacing my motherboard to one that support my socket 478 prescot (Asus p4gd1) it cost about 150$ and i can get a 7900GT for 412$ which is about 35% more powerful than the 7800GS and maybe a new powersupply(80-100$) . I'll have alot more options with that upgrade but it will cost about 150-200$ more unless I get a more mainstream card though the 7900gt are very good value.

i think you should go check for used cards like x800xt to x850xt pe or 6800GT. you should compare prices before you buy a used one . new ones are usually under better warenty too. you are lucky that you live in canada because gives you a better chance of finding a decent used card for a good price than finding one in israel.

I'm planning to ask about it on a local hw site anyways .

good luck

I just purchased this card:


Hopefully I'll get lucky with the unlocking pipes and other strange things. Also, hopefully I'll figure out HOW to do all this unlocking (if my card is in fact up to it).