File/Folder Sync Issues

When File Syncronization is turned on, any file/folder that isnt' being syncronized dissapears from view. We are trying to connect to a network drive and open files kept there, but we are only seeing the files/folders that we have marked to syncronize. To fix we have to turn syncronization off completely.

What is happening is that the computer thinks it is offline and puts itself in offline mode even though it is connected to our network with proper credentials. I turn off Syncronization and all the folders come back. Any idea how to resolve this problem? We have a Dell connected landline to the network and we can also connect wirelessly. Only one is being used at a given time.

Maybe you're running Outlook Express or IE thats set to "Work offline" mode ? Either way I would use a third party folder sync tool. In fact I use pcAnywhere to sync between my work stuff and home stuff... but its not automated.

Try this:

MY Computer > Tools > Folder Options > Offlien Files > CTRL + ALT + Click on Delete Files (this will delete the offlien files cache)

Be warned that this will delete all local copies of synced files. Be sure the files exist on the network BEFORE you do this

This fixes many problems I have at the office with syncing.

Thanks for the responses. We don't use Outlook Express, but we do use Outlook.

Either way, I will give painthappens' idea a try and see if that helps. Thanks!