Logon at Press Pass

I tried to leave a comment for one of the articles at press pass,
but i wasnt able to log on for the site.

Theres a "you need to log on before posting"-Link at the bottom,
but its just relinking to the article again.

Any help?

The logon systems (and sites) are completely different and separate, you need to register for press pass. The guys didn't want to offend anyone by 'sharing' userbases automatically.

So if you're trying to use your GWJ sign in that's why it's not valid.

There's a register link on the right hand side of the page. Direct link here!

Ah, thank you both

I found the problem. The "My account"-group with the link to logon
and register is only visible on the http://www.passthepress.com Startpage.
If you are looking at any other part of the website, that group is not

I was relinked to an article directly via sidebar from gamerswithjobs, so
there was no logon and no register Link.
And the login link below the article is not refering to the login but just
to the article again.

Uh oh. I smell a "BAGGA!!!!"