Error uninstalling program

The installation of Amber: Journeys Beyond hit a glitch last night hit a glitch when installing, it ended abrubtly, and now I can't uninstall it from the control panel.

During installation, it told me that it was going to install Quicktime v2.0 (!!) and delete any previous installations of Quicktime that I currently had. So I told it to cancel. However, I guess the install of the game didn't finalize because it freezes everytime I try to start it up.

However, I get an error message when trying to unintstall from the control panel. The window pop-up is titled "Wise Unfile" and the message is: "Count not open install.log file."

Any ideas? I don't want to just delete the folder as I've read that messes up my registry. But I also want to get it out of my installed programs list. This is a retail copy of the game.

Thanks for the help!

Is it an MSI or EXE that installed the game? If it's an MSI you can use the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility to clean out the MSI database of any entries and then be OK deleting the folder.

Thanks for the idea, but the game wasn't listed in the Dialog Box after installing the Clean Up utility.