Video Card -- OEM vs Retail?

I'm looking for a moderate upgrade in video cards -- one that should last me for the duration of my current machine, and I have a question about OEM vs Retail at Newegg.

I'm looking at the Sapphire Radeon X800GTO, and the OEM is $175 (and sold out) while the Retail is $169 (and in stock).

Why would the OEM be more popular (it has all the reviews) and more expensive? It seems to me that the enthusiasts would have gone after the cheaper version. All the technical specs appear the same to me....

Bizzare. It might be an error? I've had two experiences with OEM vid cards. An old Radeon 9700 came with nothing: no cables, no install discs, no extra games. Just the card. But my MSI 6600GT did come with some install discs, but no cables and no copies of the 13 games that came in the retail version.

If it's an error, I guess I better hurry up and jump in before they correct it. From the looks of both, they come with the same stuff, except with the OEM you don't get a box. I guess boxes are cheaper than wrapping the package in bubble wrap!?!

My guess is that they sold out of the OEM version, got some Retail versions in stock (but no OEM versions) and then lowered the price of the card. I'm sure their price is just a certain percentage markup on their unit cost, so perhaps this price change happened at the manufacturer level.

Most likely this is the action of supply and demand. Unless the OEM card is from some special "batch" of cards that are more Overclockable or something.
Newegg is one place that I notice the frequent adjustment of prices most often. Usually an OEM item starts off costing less then the equivilent retail version. So more people by the OEM one, but as people depletes the stock on the OEM cards, the supply of retail version hasn't changed much. So the retailer increase the OEM version to promote people buying the retail version.
Of course, the net result is more money for the retailer. But they can only really pull this off if the item in question is a hot item and most other retailers are sold out of it.