Grrr. Possible Virus. Help please!

I just reformatted my computer and put a fresh install of Windows down. As soon as I start intalling drivers etc., I begin having these popups. They are windows boxes and they tell me that something is wrong with my registry. They tell me to go to websites like,, and Has anyone encountered this or know what is going on? It is a little disconcerting since it is a fresh install. Thanks for any help.

What type of XP cd do you have? Does it have SP2 slipstreamed in?

What about a firewall, do you have a hardware one you're behind on your home network?

Not to belabor this, but do you have the messenger service disabled?

That doesn't sound right. But if you have a fresh install, but you're not behind a firewall, there's a chance of an infection before you get all of the updates. I'd recommend placing your computer behind a hardware firewall (e.g. a router with a fw built in), and downloading patches from there. How about it?

Yeah, I think it was lack of firewall. I got all the updates and am no longer having a problem. Thanks for your help.

Nowadays you shouldn't do a fresh install of Windows without being behind a router. You can't just have your computer connected directly to the Internet through your DSL modem and install Windows. That's a death sentence. Chances are, if the Messenger-invoking exploits got through, you probably have some other nasty stuff on your machine now that you aren't aware of.

Use common sense, run MSConfig, look for things that don't belong on startup, run, ad-aware and spybot.