Oblivion Mods

There is an inebriation mod. And one that adds in lots of homebrew.
And, of course, one that blends the two!

I've been happy with NE, Yoyo. The weather seems to be fairly well blended, with a couple days of rain strung together, a week of sun, and good adjustment for altitude as well. I'm content sticking with it.
I really, really love Illumination Within. I think it adds so much to the atmosphere.

I had a couple problems last night with the dam horse (get it!?) stuck in a rock. Just for the record, in the console, tcl is the no clipping command. And, in order to apply it to an object (in this case, a horse), you open the console, click on the object with your mouse, and type in the command.
Then get out of the rock and reverse the process.

Thanks for the horse-unsticking tip. I need to get Natural Environments!

I started using Hungry, Thirsty, and Sleepy recently. There's a big problem with using an Inebriation mod and Thirsty. I don't think there are any drinks in Oblivion that aren't alcoholic. Luckily, the Thirsty mod's author realized that and at least drinking Ales, wines, etc. quenches your thirst instead of dehydrating you. But when I first tried it with OOO, I downed three bottles of wine, the Thirsty mod kept telling me "You are still Thirsty" each time, and eventually I passed out and woke up several hours later hungry and thirsty. It kinda reminded me of that scene from Constantine. I have since disabled Thirsty.

I also started using Natural Interiors. I LOVE natural interiors. I think it's one of those effects where a little goes a long way - or maybe it's because I spent so much time trying to get it to work that it feels like a large initial payoff to be able to see out a window.

Warning: Some of the shop windows in the Imperical City Market District might not appear transparent during the day for some reason. Maybe they're facing walls or alleyways? You should do your mod-working-check in Bruma. Other warning: if you're using OOO, make sure you load Natural Interiors after you load OOO.

Just reviving to mention that the last DLC for Oblivion, Fighter's stronghold, will be available monday for free. Another 'themed' house. Meh.

OK, trying to keep the thread alive!
Now with the GOTY out I thought (not without some selfishness ;)) that it would be interesting to update the discussion on mods, since this seems to be a good time for all of us who are one-two years behind the curve to get the bloody game.
So I bought it, and after extensive research I settled with a big bunch of minor gameplay mods and discreet cosmetic enhancements, and some biggies that I'll come to later. I'm trying to preserve the original Oblivion experience as much as possible, fixing only what I find absurd or out of place. I can post a complete list if there is some interest.
What I'm still uncertain about are the biggies.
One is Francesco's, which I chose instead of OOO because he seems to understand that most people just want to tweak the game, not overhaul it, and thus provides a modular package so you don't have a bunch of stuff forced down you throat. Still, I'm wondering if anyone who's tried it could tell me if it works well, since everybody only talks about OOO, even though Fran's seems to be popular too.
The second big one is Natural Wildlife - resized. I'm just wondering whether the AI stuff works as promised or if it causes bugs and weird behaviour.
Lastly, Natural Environments. I'm sure I'm ging to use Natural Habitat and Vegetation (for the water I found a better one) but it's the weather part I'm unsure about. Lots of people seems to have had problems with it (either bugs, glitches, weird colours or performance), and still it's the most popular by far and lots of guides recommend it. On the other hand there is Atmospheric Weather System, downloaded fewer times and not as universally recommended, but seems to have gotten rid of a lot of the scripting that causes trouble in NW. Anyone who's tried both that can help me choose? I'd hate to have to change when I'm a bunch of hours into the game...

Lastly, Natural Environments. I'm sure I'm ging to use Natural Habitat and Vegetation (for the water I found a better one) but it's the weather part I'm unsure about. Lots of people seems to have had problems with it (either bugs, glitches, weird colours or performance), and still it's the most popular by far and lots of guides recommend it. On the other hand there is Atmospheric Weather System, downloaded fewer times and not as universally recommended, but seems to have gotten rid of a lot of the scripting that causes trouble in NW. Anyone who's tried both that can help me choose? I'd hate to have to change when I'm a bunch of hours into the game...

I've played for a number of hours with AWS, but I've only looked at screenshots of Natural Environments. Just judging by those alone, I'd say I'm more interested in Natural Environments than I am in AWS. In AWS you get some really weird weather, but there's not a lot of explanation for it. Why would a glowing green fog suddenly appear at 11 AM in the morning?

stupidhaiku wrote:

Just reviving to mention that the last DLC for Oblivion, Fighter's stronghold, will be available monday for free. Another 'themed' house. Meh.

That appears to be all it is. I was hoping after blinging it to the max there'd be some sort of quest involved, but it just sits there. Anvil manor is still my favorite crib.

Running Man wrote:
stupidhaiku wrote:

Just reviving to mention that the last DLC for Oblivion, Fighter's stronghold, will be available monday for free. Another 'themed' house. Meh.

That appears to be all it is. I was hoping after blinging it to the max there'd be some sort of quest involved, but it just sits there. Anvil manor is still my favorite crib.

As a side effect, you get a new buys-pretty-much-anything merchant in the Empirial City with a 2000 money cap and with a much nicer exchange rate. He's also based in a pub, so he's accessible for wider hours than my old favorite, The Copious Coinpurse, around the corner.

If your character's like mine and is still a low enough level that you're still trying to scrape together enough money to afford nicer things, let alone raising enough cash to purchase some of the fancy available houses, this can be pretty useful.

I don't know if this page has been posted, but I recently picked up the game after letting it lie fallow for months. This page has a list of top quest mods (in the author's opinion). I've played a few of them so far and they're pretty decent . If anyone else knows of some quests that aren't on the list, I'd appreciate a link. I'm loving this free content.

This thread is relevant to my interests.

Just seen this HUGE mod that is coming out soon: http://bethblog.com/index.php/2010/0...
Initially in German, there is an English version in the works.

I think my mod list is complete

GIGABITE - FemBoy Body = playing as a girlish looking boy
SetBody Reloaded Blockhead Edition = randomly changes bodies 7000+ combos
Unofficial Oblivion Patch = bug fixing
Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch = bug fixing
Unofficial Oblivion DLC Patches = bug fixing (Might not have the DLC)
Oblivion mod manager = Using to unpack some mods
Mod Organizer (skyrim) =Main manager to keep data clean
DarNified UI = PC UI instead of dumb console UI
Oblivion Script Extender - OBSE = Needed for most mods
Oblivion Character Overhaul version 2 =Makes the NPCs look better
Blockhead = Needed for setbody and some other mods
Wrye Bash =Needed to make bash patch
Oblivion Reloaded - OBGE v4 = Makes things look better, dual wield weapons, shield on back
Boss = Makes you play like a boss or sort mods
4gb Ram Patcher = Breaking ram limit might prevent crashes
Fast Exit = Exit game without crashing
Companion Vilja = Companion to travel with
Shadowcrest Vineyard and Shadowcrest Vineyard COBL = House to live in
Cobol = framework allowing food and drink to work in different mods
Basic Primary Needs = Need to sleep, drink, eat, and stay clean. Need to poop also
Camping = If you use a need mod you need a camping mod

Thought I would stay away from the bigger mods like OOO, Better Cities, MMM and others. My goal here is just to have some basic fixes and few small things I find fun. Setbody is the only thing that worries me but if it doesn't work I'll just use one of the standard body replacers that changes everybody to the same thing.

Usually I play with a bunch of different vampire mods. I'm sure vampire suck in this game, heh heh, but I never played with them. I'm not going to go out of my way to run into one but if I do I'll play around at being a creature of the night.

I'm a little sad with Steam. I didn't notice there was a GOTY edition and a GOTY deluxe edition. I'm not sure which version I have. Steam doesn't offer the DLC by itself or a discounted price for people with the GOTY edition. I'm betting it was cheap during the winter sell. Oh well. Man does GOTY mean nothing now.

Anyway I hope to be up and running in a week or so.

Just learned there is a Oblivion STEP guide and that it is modular. I was close to trying my setup but I think I'll try the STEP guide and stick to the basics.

I'm still working my way through STEP but I took a break to test what I go going so far. I have around 60 mods going and the sad part is I was trying to keep the count down. Of coarse many are just texture mods. Anyway the test went well. Everything looks pretty. UI is updated. Didn't crash and no demons attacked me.

What I'm thinking about doing is looking through the guide and picking out the mods that require a new game or are really tricky and do those first. Then I can play while installing mods.

For the love of all that is holy I had a major 3 day setback. I was trying to figure out why my Needs bars weren't showing so I created a new profile with just a few mods. Crash, oh no. I remove all mods from the new profile, crash. I go through a endless rabbit hold trying to figure out why my game got crash happy.

Well it turns out when I uninstalled my UI mod I forgot to change the fonts back to the original values in the ini file. No more crashes and I figured out why I wasn't see my needs bars. Almost made be quit this game because I thought I would have to start completely over.

On a different note I just did a quest I haven't seen before. A boathouse Inn was stolen while I slept there. I had to have strong words bandits to get the Inn back in port.

Ashinder's Journey

Captain Picard and his Blades broke into my cell to escape some bad guys. Apparently my cell held a secret exit out of the prison.

After a scary journey through the sewer Picard ends up dead and with his dying words charges me to delivery some jewel to his bastard kid. I'm not sure why he didn't ask the Blade guy. I promise to take it to where ever it needs to go. Honestly, i just wanted to get out of the sewer. I would have promised to kiss his butt to get out of there a minuter sooner.

As soon as I walk out of the sewer I'm given a ton of notes from a ghost or invisible messenger. There is some castle under siege and they need my help. And the note even says I can have the castle if I help. Another note says I inherited some property. Wow, I of prison for 2 seconds and I already have property.

I end up tossing the notes. I'm not going take no notes from a ghost or invisible man. I decide to get out of the area. The guards will probably be after me soon. I figure I can get lost in a city I can see a little ways into the distance.

After only a day in the big city I stop a murderer that is selling his victim's good. I get kidnapped and murder the kidnappers. I join up with this nice lady name Vilja on a mission to help her sister. And the best thing I did that they was take a number of poops.

Over the next few days Vilja and I travel the world. We join the Fighter guild bust some heads. We join the Mages guild and bust some heads. We run into a vampire feel the pull of Unholy Darkness. The vampire bit into my next and belly. I'm sure the bites will heal.


A little bit about Ashinder. He is young friendly lad that many mistake for a girl. He has talent for magic and really likes necromancy which is legal but the Mage Guild would probably kill him if they found out. Please don't tell them their newest member likes the necromancy. Anyway Ashinder doesn't recall how he ended up in prison. He isn't the type to do bad things, except steal corpses to use in his dark rituals.

Ashinder may enjoy calling forth the undead to serve him tea and shooting fire from his fingers but he is no stranger to the Sword. His mother taught him all she knew of swordsmanship. He never became as good as his mother probably because he was born under the sign of the Mage. Also he is kind of forgetful. His mother's lessons just went into one ear and out the other like his promise to Captain Picard. Oh well maybe after he heals from the vampire bites he'll complete his promise.

Thanks for the write-ups Baron! They're giving me an itch to maybe start this up again on PC. Do you have a link to the STEP program? I did a couple googles but couldn't find it.

Right now I'm finding the world a little empty. Years ago I was playing with OOO, MMM, and two other overhaul using a mod to merge them all. I think it was called FCOM. Anyway I wanted things a little simpler this go around but now there just isn't enough people or monsters in the world.

So I think I will be adding 1 or 2 overhaul mods. I will probably also add a unleveled mod if it isn't part of the overhaul I pick.

My top choices at the moment are OOO and From2chan lives.

And this is why I have never finished Oblivion and probably never will. I have 30 hours on the game and haven't been to the first gate or completed any guild quests.

So I installed both OOO and From2chan lives with good and bad results. The bad part is I was unable to continue my game with these two installed. The good part is I was able to start a new game with these installed.

Also I changed out Unholy Darkness for LTD Vampire Overhaul. Unholy Darkness has some really good stuff in it but some major bad design choices. For example it adds the need to sleep in a coffin which makes the early game really hard. You can't travel during the day and sometimes you are forced to your coffin at night. Also none of the major parts are configurable. LTD on the other hand lets you change nearly everything. What I'm thinking about doing is stripping the quest from UD and adding the spells to LTD.

Here is a breakdown on what is better in each mod
Best Vampire Progression: Tie
Best Vampire/Thrall Creation: UD
Best Powers: Tie
Best Vampire Play: LTD
Best Stability: LTD
Best Design: LTD

From the start I had a lot of crashes. Now I have stopped most of them. My main crashes came from saving the game. The game would save but crash right after that. So I was able to load the save just fine and continue on my way. The problem was I was saving every five minutes. This resulted in a crash at least every 30 minutes.

Ok knowing when the crash happens but why does it happen. The why I'm not really sure about but I know that saving while any stat is changing, heavy scripting, or during animations seem to increase the odds of a crash.

So the first thing I did was to remove my auto save mod. I had already turned off all in game auto saves options. Then I installed Safe Save and set it up for nag mod. This is another auto save mod but with some cool features. First the mod tries to determine when it is ok to save. If it thinks it is about time to save it wont do it. The second thing it does is a nag option. When using the nag option the mod doesn't save at all but pulls out a message box stating this is a good time to save. You then have the option to save the game or ignore the message. It is impossible for a mod to know every bad moment for saving so the nag mode is great.

So I have gone about 6 hours without a crash. The joy in my heart over a stable Oblivion almost made me cry. Unfortunately my crash problems didn't completely go away and I did crash in my last game and lost about a hour of progress. This wasn't a crash on save but a crash that happen right when entering a city. I might edit the Safe Save mod to send out a message to setup a safe save spot if I haven't saved in over a hour.

Relatively new to the modding scene. Figured out how to mod Fallout 4 and loving the modding tried to add some mods to oblivion but when I launch the game I get a " Steam error application load error 5:0000065434" window.
I haven't modified any ini files like I did with Fallout. Is there a current beginners how to guide for oblivion mods? Any must mods?


You can use the STEP guide for Oblivion and just limit yourself to only the green marked mods and then only the ones you really want.

For your problem you can try these things.
1. Run Boss = this puts mods in a community agreed on best order. Also warns of many problems.

2. Delete the Oblivion folder under documents\my games = The game should make a new one. Sometimes a setting gets screwed up without your input.

3. Make sure the game isn't on your C drive. Never install steam games on your C drive.

4. Remove half your mods and try the game. Repeat until you narrowed down which mod is causing the problem.

5. Note that if you are using OBSE which you should be there are different ways to run the game between the disk version and the steam version. For the steam version you DO NOT run the obse_launcher. Just make sure you follow the instructions. I don't recall the exact process but you just change a setting or two and run the game like normal.

6. Use a mod manager that isn't NMM. I personally use Mod Organizer with Wyre Bash and OBMM. However, MO is a little to much for many people. Using Wyre Bash as your main organizer is probably the next best thing. Also the STEP guide show you how to use it. Using a mod manager makes installing and uninstalling mods easier.

Just installed No Physic Guards. I completely forgot how broken the guards are in this game. I break into a house with nobody around. A few minutes later the guards are all over my butt. Installed the mod and went back a save and tried again. Ahhh now I can rob these rich cats blind. I'm surprise OOO didn't add this.

Now I must consider if I want to add a stealth overhaul mod. I hope there is one that deals with magic. When I summon a minion they always know exactly where I am. Same is true if I use a bow.

I haven't installed magic overhauls yet because I'm more of a sneaky necromancer vampire. The necromancer mod I'm using has you building minions. So instead of summoning a zombie you make it and it follows you around like a follower. However, I do use summons also.

On a different note I'm making plans for another character. This time I'm going to make a character mod combining stuff I like from different mods. Right now the only solid things I have down is it will be a female Redguard Merchant. I will be installing the mod enhanced economy and the mod that lets you play Recettear. If you haven't played Recettear you need to play Recettear.

Anyway being merchant doesn't mean I can't be a vampire, werewolf, mage, fighter, or whatever. I'm seriously thinking about being a hooker also. They just had a sex mod come out not to long ago. Hey its my body and I'll sell the goods off if I want to. Seriously though it will probably decide depending on which mod I want to test next.

This will sound odd. I really don't like this game nearly as much as I like Skyrim. I am having fun but once I finish with it I'll probably wont be coming back. Note however I have only shut down the first gate and have done zero guild quests. My mind might change when I get more into the meat of this.

I'm currently playing a pirate. A pirate on a boat. A pirate on a mother F'ing boat.


Unfortunately my boat is stuck in a cave like in The Goonies. Unlike the goonies there is no way to get my boat out and sail around the world. Me and my pirate crew can still grab plenty of booty. The world is in chaos with gates to Oblivion popping up all over the place. A good pirate can make a fortune in the panic.

Hey do you know why the pirate couldn't learn the alphabet? He was always lost at C. Hardy har har har.

Still playing this and doing some modding . One thing I found odd was that all the redguards were now white. I don't mean just light skinned or some hear and there but all of them. I haven't looked up every redguard in the game for a couple of reasons. I wasn't even sure which ones were changed. I only noticed because I looked up on google to find a NPC and noticed he was dark skinned redguard but in my game he was still a redguard but look no different from a imperial. At first I thought the game just didn't have that many redguards but now it seems a mod or mods are changing them to look white.

Anyway the ones I looked up were changed by OCO v2 which surprised me a bit because on the screen shots on the mod page you have some non white redguards. Anyway rather than go back a fix this on per NPC level I installed Better Looking Redguards mod.

See the results

Now that is one sexy redguard. Hmmm should have taken a before picture. Just imagine white guy.

Main story = Need to find some armor for some reason. The armor belonged to the human turned god.
Mage Guild = Got kicked on and just got back in. Only have one recommendation.
Fighters Guild = I joined and that is it.
Thieves Guild = Did a few missions and they were fun. Completely forgot where I'm at now though.
Assassin Guid = Everyone is dead and now I'm the personal assassin of some guy. Pretty fun.
Vampire General = Major attempt to convert Bruma into a vampire haven. I think one of my victims have turned into a vampire and is roaming the streets. I have 3 castle residences trapped. I had four but one died. My hope is to convert the entire castle into thralls or vampires. Why, because I can.

Dropped Better Cities for better performance. The game is more stable and less crowded.
Dropped LTD Vampire Overhaul. This had a late game bug that was horrible.
Installed Terran Vampires. So far I'm liking it except for how it handles the sun.
Installed a bunch of different mods that adds clothes and masks.

Ran into a minor problem. The sleeping animation broke. Instead of sleeping the NPCs would just stand on the beds.

There is a known bug that will break animations after 200+ hours of play. This is called A-Bomb. The animations can be anything not just sleeping. The fix is simple enough. You can download OAF Oblivion Animation Fixer or use Wyre Bash. I used Wyre Bash to fix it. All I had to do was highlight my save game, right click, and pick Repair A-Bomb.

Tagging because I'll be revisiting Cyrodiil this fall. I hear it's lovely in Hearthfire.

My mod list - used Wrye Bash and TES Mod Manager (formerly OBMM) to install the mods - depends on each mod which should be used. Install as much as possible through Wrye Bash, and let it make a "fix patch" at the end, that is supposed to fix compatibility issues.
Wrye Bash can be a bit complicated - basically you add all the mods to a list in the program BEFORE installing them - and then it tries to handle incompatibilities on its own during installation, based on the install order. A smart idea, but since not all mods can be installed through Wrye Bash, it isn't exactly water proof.

I mostly tried to fix graphics, leveling and add a bit of flavor here and there. Some of the overhaul mods for the enemy leveling adds a lot of other things however.
Didn't go for a ton of new content, nor mods that changed major parts of game systems (outside of what the overhaul mods do), as such no Magic Overhaul and so on. No Hardmode/Realism mods either. Baron of Hell goes through some interesting mods above for that kind of flavor.
Didn't install any mods for improving the map. I wish I had, but couldn't be bothered to risk making the game unstable after having put countless hours in already. The default map is quite barebone.

The STEP guide mentioned above is likely a good help. I gave up on it very early on. For one it seems to have a bunch of outdated recommendations, and it didn't include some of the major stuff I wanted anyway.

Better Cities - Think Better Cities is essential. Improves the cities/NPCs, adds a few quests, and allow most of the cities to exist in the open world. However, also seemed to be the most unstable mod for me. Would recommend keeping the Imperial City as its own zone, while the others can be "open". Seems to be more stable. Can be an FPS killer in some areas.

Unofficial Oblivion Patch - essential fixes to the vanilla game

Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch - essential fixes

Unofficial Oblivion DLC Patches - essential fixes

OblivionReloaded - upgrades some of the graphics (shaders mostly) and makes a few other changes. Very modular. Supposedly also makes the game run better with many mods. So could be essential. Some parts it is unstable however - others annoying. Settings has to be adjusted manually in the .ini file. And it is really important that the installation guide is followed precisely!
Turned these 3 settings off:
"EquipmentMode = 0" (to fix stability and get rid of some annoying side effects)
"SleepingMode = 0" (if 1, you can't Wait in-game, only in beds. Realism I guess...),
"GrassMode = 0" (would be nice to have this, but it murdered my FPS)
After installing the mod, look for the file "OnehandAttackRight_OR_dual_left.kf" in the Oblivion folder, and maybe delete it (causes the character to do a frontal flip when attacking, supposedly it is intended, but it is annoying & suicidal) - All other .fk files named _OR_ can be deleted as well, to get rid of their combat animations. None of them annoyed me though.

Carry all you want - cheating mod I guess, but essential for me

ATakesAll - click A to loot everything, good convenience mod

DarNified UI - essential, improves the interface

Oblivion XP - overhauls the progression system, so you get XP instead of skills lvling with use. Depends on what you want I guess - I am not a fan of the "usage based lvling" in general. Has a bunch of settings during installation that can be quite important to get a good balance out of the system.
Need to install a compatibility fix with DarNified UI.

Companion Vilja - A companion mod. Adds some flavor to the game, by having a more lively companion character around.

Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul - OOO - does a ton of stuff to the base game, and add new quests. Probably would skip it now, it overlaps quite a bit with MOO below. It does add a lot of new quests. Never got around to really playing the new stuff anyway. A bunch of compatibility issues with other mods (all of which can however be fixed with compatibility patches, but still adds a lot of complexity)

Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul - another overhaul mod. As said before I would probably have skipped OOO entirely, and just use this one. MOO is a much newer mod than most others on the list, and seem to be much better designed. It is supposed to have next to no compatibility issues with other mods due to how it loads its content, so even though it overlaps with OOO above, there is seemingly no problems between the two. Most important feature (like OOO) is the enemy lvl scaling overhaul. But there is a ton of changes. Some important settings during installation.

Qarls Texture Pack III (Redimized 1.0) - essential - improved textures

Also tried other texture packs to go along with this, since it is far from fixing everything. But it all seemed to make the game much more unstable for me, and are obvious FPS killers. Skipped out ons stuff like Better Grass, Better Environments, Better Water, Better Weather and so on (or whatever they are called, they are fairly obvious to find on Nexus).

Oblivion Character Overhaul (version 2) - greatly improves faces in the game - would consider it essential, but it can be a mess to install it and get it to work

Body and clothing replacers:
Annoying to install due to the heavy inter-dependencies between the mods (including Oblivion Character Overhaul above). Struggled quite a lot with heads that seemed to be sewed on to the necks. Body replacer mods are quite nonsensical considering you are running around in armor regardless, but they open up for better cloth redesign mods.
Maybe there are good clothing mods out there that simply uses vanilla bodies, that would make it a lot easier. But couldn't find one.

Mass Outfit Redesign/Vanilla Gear Redux - better looking clothes/armor
MaleBodyReplacerV5 - needed for the clothing replacement
HGEC - needed for the clothing replacement

Important stuff needed for other mods/stability - should be installed before any mods. Installed by copying to Oblivion folder.
4gb Ram Patcher - essential
Oblivion Script Extender - OBSE - essential
Archive Invalidation - can either be done through Wrye Bash, or by installing an "ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated" mod. Important for a bunch of mods to load correctly.
Blockhead - needed for body/head replacers
Stutter Remover - stability mod
EngineBugFixes - stability mod
Menu Que - needed for some mods I used
Elys Universal Silent Voice - fixes some sound/text issues
NVAC - New Vegas Anti Crash - stability mod
ENB v0259 & ENBoost (not using ENB, it is merely for ENBoost, to improve FPS. ENB likely allows for nice grahics, couldn't be bothered. Oblivion Reloaded already do some of the same.
BOSS - after installing everything, run it to fix the load order

If anyone is interested in a great house mod, check out Verona House. I loved it back in the day.

Also, if you want a total conversion for Oblivion which is basically a completely new game in the Oblivion engine, check out Nehrim. It's fantastic.

Phenomenal, great list, Shadout. Some of these I remember from the last time I'd modded Oblivion, the unofficial patch, Qarl's texture pack. I never used the Obscuro Overhaul, though. I'm usually pretty basic, I never use companion mods, all I really want to do is beef up the graphics so that it looks less dated (although, let's not kid ourselves, it's gonna look like a game from the 00's). I remember hearing about the Verona House, but never playing it myself, just seeing videos on YouTube.
One thing I'm doing for sure is getting the No More Battle Music exploit to work.

Okay, so I'm trying to use Wyre Bash, and I have literally no idea how this works, despite looking the readme over. Is it me, or has modding become more complicated since 2010? Or am I just getting old and spoiled by the Steam workshop?

Edit: I can't grasp Wyre Bash, I'm going back to the Nexus Mod Manager.

Edit: So that's not crashing, I'm going back to good old Oblivion mod manager. That's what I used 7 years ago, and it'll work now, right? Right?