Laptop acquisition: I've joined the 1990s!

As crazy as it is for a sysadmin not to have a laptop, I finally got my first a couple of days ago. I've held out because I didn't want to pay for a battery-chewing desktop replacement but I did want something with good resolution, 1024x768 need not apply. I'm too spoiled by having 3 21" CRTs on my home workstation and 2 at the office. A friend upgraded his laptop and sold me his PIII-850 for a song (well, a lapdance and a song) with a 1400x1050 SXGA+ screen. Now I'm sitting in a pappasan on the front porch, drinking coffee and browsing GWJ (only because my four year old is bogarting the TV and I can't play Oblivion yet.)

Any cool laptop utilities I should check out? I'm comparing software firewalls currently, I've just been using the new NetLimiter on my workstation but I'm currently trying Tiny Firewall on the laptop. Not sure if I'll stay with it though; it has a big memory footprint and it's very noisy. Any good Firefox plugins for laptop browsing? There's a radial menu plugin I need to look for again, might make more sense than Mouse Gestures.

Definitely get speedfan if you haven't already. Also, get slickrun, it is a keyboard launcher but it is especially helpful for laptops since pointing stick or the touch pad is just awful IMO.

Also get StrokeIt if you like to use the touch pad. It is a mouse gesture program for general applicatioins

Thanks for the recommendations. I'm using Keyboard LaunchPad currently, it's one of the apps in Stardock's Object Desktop subscription. I had used StrokeIt in the past, but currently I just use the Mouse Gestures plugin for Firefox rather than a global program. I'm not on the laptop though. The Synaptics driver application has some cool features. I'm using it for scrolling and back/forward buttons.