Anyone here play FFXI besides me?

I play WoW as well, but the look of FFXI always keeps me coming back. I also like the fact that you can always find people to play with since you can switch jobs so easily.

Also, there's a new expansion coming out soon which is going to send a flood of new people over to the game, as well as the Xbox 360 launch of the game.

One of my hockey buddies and his GF play but I don't know where. I'll look into it for you.

I started playing the 360 beta and just hated it. Not my style of game.

Played it about a year and a half ago. Too much of a time sink for me. I know they implemented alot of changes since I left, but never in my life have I ever had to invest so much time into something to literally get nothing back or worse, end up worse off than when I first started. I would spend 45 minutes getting a group on the go, spend 15 minutes looking for a camp spot, and the next hour getting mercilessly beat down by monster because of the horrible group we are in. 2 hours effort = a level and a half drop and much gil spent on food and arrows.

I've been a diehard FF fan since the beginning and I really wanted to try it. At the time, though, my only available machine was a Packard-Bell 486/50MHz running Windows 3.11, so it wasn't really something I had the hardware to handle.

Now that we've lured him away to WoW, he was telling horror stories about how no monster ever provides more than 200 xp, and leveling requires millions of points of xp at the high end. That's the sort of thing that keeps me away from it.