FAST! benchmarks for intel Macs running XP

Gearlog installed Windows XP on a 20" iMac, MacBook Pro, and dual core Mac Mini, then ran some benchmarks. The results?

We're not about to play Doom 3 on any of these machines - there are still no video drivers available for the iMac or MacBook, making graphics pretty slow. But we got Ethernet, wireless networking, and the headphone jack (but not the internal speakers, iSight or the remote) working using drivers suggested by OnMac.

The MacBook Pro is the fastest Core Duo laptop we've tested running the Photoshop scripts. It's faster than other laptops originally designed for Windows.

The two Mac desktops outran even blazing-fast single core systems, which typically do the Windows Media Encoder test in 10-13 minutes. We haven't tested any other Intel Core Duo desktops, but the iMac competes well against a Polywell machine with a dual-core Athlon 64 X2 3800+, while the Mini and MacBook Pro are held back a little by their slower laptop hard drives. Predictably, all the Macs blow away the Shuttle XPC M1000, which has the previous generation single-core Pentium M processor. That system scored 16 minutes on Windows Media Encoder, and took 2:52 to complete the Photoshop script.

So no games testing yet.

Hmm, I can't wait until there are solid XP drivers for the Mac hardware - at last I'll be able to buy a Mac and actually use it for my everyday work! I'm looking forward to replacing my standard box with something well-crafted.

Besides, is there any reason to doubt Intel Macs would be any slower than Intel XP machines? It's the same hardware, after all...

I think the additional costs of a macintosh requires that they go under the microscope. Even windows-specific pcs don't run equal.