Lightscribe DVD burners

Anyone else use one of these devices? It took some time getting the damn driver to get installed properly (had to download a lightscribe driver from HP websites for my BenQ drive) but its actually pretty cool.. I make just generic labels for the various audio CD's I burn but its alot nicer than magic marker or stamped labels.

I just got a new computer here at work which has one. I've only used the one sample disk that came with it, but I'm impressed by the quality. I'll still scribble a few marker labels on some quick burns, but I'm pretty sure I'll take an extra minute or two at the end of a burn to have a nice looking disk on most occasions.
Those stamped labels are worthless, I can never get them centered enough and my disks end up shaking violently.

I'm intrigued.
Any idea on how the Lightscirbe CDs fare vs regular CDs for long term storage?