Elder Scrolls: Oblivion Game Stories and Spoilers

Probably really behind. Doing the Thieves Guild mission where I have to steal the bust of so and so and tell Lex that that one lady has it! Ring a bell? Well, I saved it right outside her shack in case I got caught. I get in, put the bust in her cupboard and tell Lex. Lex arrests her once inside. They tell me to meet Armand at the usual place. Here's my problem. He's on my map I go there no Armand. Reloaded the save, still no. I get kicked out of the Thieves Guild still no armand. He's no where to be found. I went to S'krivva in Bravil and pay the fine to get back in and still no Armand when I come back. Any help? Pretty fired up. Way in to the game Arch-Mage and all. I have gone on and done other missions and whenever I go back to the Thives Guild Quest. It shows Armand on the map but he's just not there. What to Do?? I know to go there after Midnight, I do and still no Armand. What the [email protected]*%!!!!!!!

Are you console or PC? If your PC, you can enter the code to summon him. Let me know and I'll hunt up the code for you.

I took a quick look around and found this. Hope it helps:

"A very frustrating bug can occur after you are told to meet Armand in the garden on "the next midnight" and he doesn't show up. Even after multiple midnights he still stays in the land of the missing. Try pickpocketing a beggar near the waterfront so you are "cast out of the thieves guild". Make it your active quest, and this time at midnight Armand is there to collect your fine. Pay the fine and switch back your active quest to The Elven Maiden and speak to him again. You should be advanced."

Looks like you did everything they suggest. Did you make it your active quest?

I'm on the 360 Mars. Thanks for the link Trophy. It helped a lot with some other things but not the Armand problem. I have done everything I can think of to no Avail. He will not show up. Really sucks though cause I was getting into the Guild quests. I guess that leaves the Dark Bros and Fighters.

Bethesda announced today that the final Oblivion DLC will be published the week of October 15th, and will be free for one week.

From bethblog.com

First, I wanted to let you know that we are finally releasing the last piece of downloadable content we created for Oblivion. We had mentioned it a long, long time ago but we hadn't released it, until now. Starting Monday, October 15 it will be available to download via Xbox Live (for Xbox 360) and elderscrolls.com (for PC). And, for one week, it will be free to anybody who wants to download it and play it. So mark it on your calendars and don't forget.

Nice gesture from Bethesda. Its both nice to see another piece of DLC and sad to see it will be the last official one, but Oblivion's been out for quite a while. I wonder how mod-able fallout 3 will be.

Oh crap, I know I am going to forget about this until the 23rd.

Thanks for the heads up, Irongut!