Xbox1 Wireless adaptor work for 360?

Does anyone know if this badboy will work on the 360?

I know the 360 itself has in its own white USB wireless adaptor (for the same price), but I have come into possession of one of the above and I was wondering if anyone has one and was able to use it with their 360, before I open it.

Yes, it will work. I have never personally tried it but one of the pages at confirms that it works.

Thanks scoli!

For those interested, here's a page that talks about hooking it up to the 360, and updating its firmware.

It definitely works fine.

I used mine on a 360 a couple months back when a friend left me with his 360 at my house for a day.

It took a tiny bit of tinkering, but it did indeed work perfectly once I got the settings right.