Dynamic IP trickery help needed

The title for this post sucks, at best. I'm hard-pressed to come up with a better one as I suspect if I knew a better way to describe the problem, I'd have a solution.

Anyhoo, my home DSL connection has a dynamic IP that for various dreamt reasons, the phone company is unwilling to nail down and make static. And it changes more often than seems reasonable. Which makes it difficult for me to hand my son's grandparents a URL for them to gaze adoringly at the networked video camera centered on his crib.

I have several domain names, all hosted outside my home, so what I'd like is someway to update a link on one of those domains that reflects the current IP of the webcam. I can handle any code-monkeying that may be required, but have had no luck after an admittedly quick search online.


DynDNS, many routers now support this (and other dynamic DNS sites) built in so you don't have to do anything on your server.

Thanks Eezy... I ended up finding No-IP.com and doing something similar.

The grandparents are now officially happy.

No-IP and DynDNS are both good. I've used both in the past, on a Linux server with a little script that handled the updating.

No-IP has a utility (available for Windows, Linux and Mac) that does the updating. The Windows version appears to be pretty clever, although I want to comparison regarding the CPU/memory usage.