Turning off by Itself

My laptop has one other problem. It seems to randomly turn off. But not really turn off. The light that says whether it's on or not stays on. I also can not turn it on after that. I must physically take the power cord and batter out. Then put them back in and I am able to turn it back on. Is it a heat problem or what? By the way, it's a Dell Inspiron 9300.

KrazyTacoFO wrote:

Is it a heat problem or what?

Yep. Your laptop's in heat. It doesn't have enough electrical current to power both the brain and the, well, you know.... dongle.

It could be a heat problem... there are some programs out there that can monitor your CPU temp readout from Windows... also, it could be a loosening of metal components inside the laptop which upon contact with each other create electrical shorts... okay, that didn't come out right.

Also, the dumbest reason possible - check your Power Management in Control panel. It could be set to turn off/sleep random parts of itself after a short period of what it perceives as idle time. Some programs actually mess with those settings after they're installed (like WinDVD for instance).

you should get speedfan to monitor temperture on you laptop and also control the fan speed. I use it for my inspiron 8600 and it is very useful, the fan control is much better then the default stuff that came with the dell.

Also like shihonage mentioned check your power setting. In particular check the profile that is currently in use for your laptop. I am guessing that it is using the portable/laptop profile, which has all the standby, turn off HDD, Processor throttling stuff that you don't need unless you are travelling with it.