Trouble installing games

I can't seem to install games using more than one disc. I have to burn isos of them onto my hard drive because when it asks for the next disc and I insert it the program crashes. And yes I tried more than one game. Ex: Max Payne 2, Diablo 2, etc...

It seems like your computer is f*cked. This is not very helpful advice, I know, but usually a computer gets to this state through negligence - not having an autoupdating antivirus with a realtime protector active, installing games with invasive copy protection "features", etc.

A very dirty/stupid possible workaround - try holding SHIFT as you're inserting the disc... keep holding until about 10 seconds after its actually read by Windows.

The real workaround would involve doing the whole routine with booting in "Safe mode with networking", running, spybot, ad-aware, and then looking for detection/removal tools specific to Starforce and Sony CD DRM protections...

Ouch! Is this your laptop? I will add to what Shihonage recommend.

First make sure you dont' have starforce detection

Then, turn off autorun with msconfig (run->msconfig) you really dont' need it, and it makes your system vulnerable to things like the rootkit that Sony's DRM uses.

( you can also use either the "diagnositic startup' or 'selective startup' option in MSconfig to boot up and see if you will still have the problem. One thing I usually do, is to select 'selective startup' then go to the services tab check the 'hideAll Microsoft Services' tab and click on 'disable All' Doing that will disable all the non MS services on your next boot up. Try to install your game with those services turned off)

I cannot recommend this system scanner enough hijackthis if there is malware on your system this thing should pick it up, just follow the instructions there.

What burning software do you have? Most of them now come with virtual drive capabilities, I usually don't use them except that from Daemon Tools to avoid conflict ( I had issue with these things before)

Also, check for any firmware updates on your CD drive, how is your drive connected in relation to the other stuff in your system anyway?

When the program crashes, goto your system event logger, and see what kind of application error event is reported, that might give you more clues (administrative tools->event viewer)

Well, I found out I had starforce on my comp and did some modifying with hijackthis. I have micropc cillin running at all times on my comp and I try to take care of it. What is starforce anyways?

it is that Copy protection that came with certain games. Remember the thread that we had about it in game section? I remember you participated too
edit: here is that thread
also browse that site with the detection stuff, it goes into more details about starforce.
here it is again

Basically it is a hidden system driver that monitors your IDE traffic for "illegal" traffic... And yeah it could cause huge problems if you have any burner software, or burners installed (It trashed a burner of mine a while back, when I didn't know about it )