XP booted onto the Intel Macs?

Looks like it. Torrent to the video is included.


a direct download link for the video:

The fix is out! http://www.engadget.com/2006/03/16/w...

Time to order a MacBook Pro and get some dual boot gaming going.

Oh my, the temptation.

I think that I'll be waiting for the next round of Intel Macs before making the switch anyway, though. The tech is still to green even for me, and I want an intel based Powermac to replace my G4 tower at home.

This is great news though. Perhaps my days of not being a PC gamer are coming to a close... or at least a middle.

I am sitting in front of my 20" iMac Duo and drooling all over it. Maybe I'll be able to play Civ 4 again...

this is just too hard to resist, to you mac gamers:

Ever heard of a mac gamer?