Why I Love Charter Comm

I don't know if it's the passion to provide customers with what they want, or the excellent communication skills! Start reading from bottom upward

My response just emailed: Why not?

From: HSD Support
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Thank you for contacting Charter Email & Internet Support. I assure you that I
will strive to assist you in the best possible manner.

I'm sorry, but there is no way to increase your current upload bandwith without
getting a business account.

If you have any additional questions regarding your Internet service or need
further assistance with it, you may contact us by calling the telephone number
listed on your bill or work order. You can also use our live chat feature
located on our website at http://www.charter.com/ and local contact information
can found at http://www.charter.com/service/conta...

Thanks Again,
Technical Support Team
Charter Communications

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Date: 3/15/2006 8:31:20 AM
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Subject: High-Speed Internet / Other

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Subject: High-Speed Internet / Other

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Is there any way that your service can be adjusted so that the upload bandwidth
can be increased? I'm not looking to run a server or anything, but occasionally
I'll want to run a game server (X-box 360 or PC) and with only a 256kbs upload
speed, the number of players it supports is terrible. I would be willing to
sacrifice some of my download bandwidth to do it.

I don't much care for their customer service either. I recently subscribed, and when I called it in, I was going to say a friend from this area referred me, so that he could get a little off his bill. They told me they didn't do that anymore... that they had stopped taking referrals last year.

Then, I found out that while digital cable was cancelled, cable internet referrals weren't. BUT, since I didn't go through the normal referral program BEFORE I signed up, I lost my chance to save him some cash.

It didn't help that it took 3 Emails for the service rep to figure out that I was the one referred, and that I had already signed up for service.

At least you still have Charter. Charter in my neck of the woods sold out to Wave Cable a Canada company and since my service is sh*t.

Although I did have canadian DNS for the first 3 weeks after the switch until I emailed them asking if it was now OK to download music to my hearts content as it's not illegal in canadia. The promptly fixed it.